sugar mamas

as soon as john and i got engaged, there were two things i was absolutely certain about... first, i knew i wanted todd pellowe to do our photography and second, i knew i wanted needed sugar mamas to do our cake.

until i saw the incredible work by maggie, i thought a cake was a cake was a cake. i've never been so wrong and so amazed by these edible works of art. brace yourself my friends... these upcoming pictures are pure talent and mouthwatering. 
it's just a bonus they taste as wonderful as they look!
maggie is cat's sister, and cat is one of my bridesmaids. remember, she's married to curt. 

something along the line of 15 sheet cakes were used for this masterpiece!!!!

have you ever seen anything SO awesome??? hilarious, mouthwatering, artistic, and beautiful!

don't mind if i do...


i wouldn't be afraid to turn 40 if i got this cake!

she makes them so perfect and perfectly replicates anything!
this is ben from derby last year. this is the real person.

this is Derby Ben in the form of a cake!  

so i hope you enjoyed the tour de sugar mamas today and you can check them out here!  

which is your favorite??


Ashley said...

holy crap! what talent. I especially love the boobs on the spa cake. i am 12.

Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

She is super talented! For our groom's cake, we did a 3-tiered golf cake, with actually golf balls on it. At the end of the night, each groomsmen received one of the balls - they LOVED it!

Just the Two of US said...

the spa cake is soo cute, I like them all!

Kerr said...

Those cakes are amazing!! I love the golf, barn, and white castle!

Natasha said...

cannot lie--the white castle cake is AMAZING!!!

Lori Supek said...

amazing golf cake!!!!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Those cakes are awesome! The golf one is my fave!

Maggie Jones said...

you are so sweet hoschie!! can't wait to make your wedding cake! XOXO

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