tgif, my friends. i have two important items to discuss this afternoon...
(please, excuse the hilarious, and inappropriate photo)
first, i am SO excited as john and i are headed to chicago to spend the weekend with these two crazy fools, lindsey and jenny!  st. patrick's day in chicago is all the rage and we can't wait to see them and we made sure to bring our party pants!  whoop whoop!
second of all... remember my brother?  HE MATCHED... but even better than that... HE HAS MATCHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!  how incredibly cool is that?!  i am so happy for him and cannot wait to go visit him, while he'll be living in hawaii for the next five years.  wild!  

hope you have a wonderful weekend... what are your plans?


Day Old News said...

My bestie is off to Chicago this weekend too. It sounds bananas there for St. Patty's! Have fun. And University of Hawaii will be so amazing to visit. Heavenly!

Kristin said...

Hawaii!!! Congrats to your brother! That is awesome! Have a safe St. Patty's weekend girl!

Just the Two of US said...

Have fun in Chi- Town, my birth place!!! drink lots of green beer!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I have this really weird feeling that your brother and my sister are in med school together!! Congrats to your brother! Hawaii sounds like it will be amazing. My sister matched today, too!!

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