wedding updates

first, i'm just so excited for the trolley to transport the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception. in true louisville fashion, we'll be enjoying our beverages and celebrating the nuptials as soon as possible. let the party begin! 
second, i have some honeymoon questions...
have any of you all been to either of these places?
we've narrowed our search down to one of these two exotic destinations. i wish we didn't have to wait until october to enjoy them because i'm reallllly craving some sunshine and beach and private pools and a whole week with just the love of my life. i'm a john hog. :)
excellence resorts in playa mujeres?
sandals resort in la toc in st. lucia?

which would you recommend? any other great honeymoon destinations we should look for?



colton is uno

little baby colton is growing into a man. well, not really, but at least we won't say his age in a matter of "months" but in "years" and i adore watching this kiddo grow.
jessie did an incredible job with the details of his first birthday party. with over 80 people on the invite list, it was bound to be a success with all the kids and party fun.
i decided to go for the more "hardcore" look on colton with the scarf on his head instead of around his neck. he looks like a rebel, doesn't he?

the party was western themed, obvi, so this cake was the perfect addition.  

are you ready for this cuteness overload?

so much fun to watch the parents with the kids.

my little love. 

because he's the cutest 1 year old i've ever seen.

he may not have mastered the art of walking quite yet but the kid can certainly eat!

how awesome is this gift? it says "colton special" on the back. 

colton loooooooves his grandpa!

melts your heart, doesn't it?

and to finish with a picture of my love love. 

happy first birthday colton baby!


6 month ahhh

well friends! today is officially 6 months until john becomes mr. kentuckyblonde!  can you believe it?  things are reallllly beginning to come together and i cannot wait until the day is here!

this weekend is a packed one and i am so excited for the festivities.

tonight we are going to an event with the chief entertainment officer of brown-forman and then tomorrow is thunder over louisville!  thunder over louisville is the largest fireworks show in the nation with an amazing air show to go along.  stealth bombers, fighter jets, and so much more will be showcased along the waterfront. 


on sunday, i couldn't be happier to celebrate the FIRST birthday of the smallest love of my life, my nephew, colton alexander.  my life has been forever changed and this little guy makes my days so incredibly happy.  i'm a super proud aunt but it's by far the greatest title i've ever been given. (clearly it's tied with the title of "johns fiancé") :)

what are your weekend plans?  

happy friday and happy 6 months to go!  



obama knows me

it started out as a normal day when the mail lady slammed the envelopes into the mailbox in full force, making enough racket to wake a hibernating bear.  
but when i saw this specific envelope with the return address from The White House, i knew it would be anything but ordinary. 
my first thoughts: 
are john and i in trouble with mr. president? 
are we finally famous?
is john running for president? am i?
john, you're a cpa. how badly could you screw up our taxes?

but i was beyond thrilled when i so patiently opened the manila envelope and discovered our friends, barack and michelle remembered our wedding and sent us some well wishes.  

can you believe this?
"the white house
congratulations to you on your wedding day.  we hope this special time is blessed with love, laughter, and happiness.  as you embark on your journey together, may your bond grow stronger with each passing year.  sincerely,
barack obama michelle obama"

along with the extremely nice note, we received a signed photograph of Mr. President and another photograph of the First Family.

i couldn't wait to show you all after i had it framed so please excuse the poor display for now.

in my opinion, it doesn't matter what political party you support, we live in an incredibly special country when the leader will take a moment to make you feel important.  

i'm proud to be an american. 

have you ever received anything like this?



weekend wraps

after spending saturday in the car for six hours and at my grandmother's funeral for 4 hours, we knew it was appropriate to treat ourselves to a day outside on sunday.
my dad, my fiancé, and i spent the day golfing on sunday and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

while they practiced their swings, i practiced my snap shots. 

these two guys are amazing. could i be any more blessed?  

after playing hours upon hours of golf, it was only right to finish the links with a few stella's.

and perfect it was.

we ended the week with having my sister, my nephew, and johns brother over for a nice cook out.  can you believe this guy will be 1 on wednesday??  wow, i can't imagine life before him. 

so even though the weekend was quick and a lot was spent celebrating the 90 year life of my grandmother, it was one of those weekends that i just don't want to end. 

how was your weekend? did you do anything crazy exciting?



easter weekend, good & bad

this weekend was full of highs and lows, and i'm not just talking about the weather.  
(our pretty front yard)
i am very sad to say my sweet, sweet grandmother passed away this morning.  about a week ago, she had a stroke and hasn't been the same since.  we are very sad to lose her but we are glad she and her husband are back together in heaven and watching over us.  
friday night, we had a cook out at our house where this little guy stole the show.  per usual.

moi, colton, jessie, dad.

this little man is my nephew but it is extremely surprising how much alike we already are.  for example, i have a strong hatred towards the feel of grass.  this picture is the prime example that we share this hatred. colton had the perfect stance to avoid touching the grass at all costs.

and this little nugget has five teeth. 

have you seen a cuter fam?

saturday morning began with the easter egg hunt in louisville and then we went to lexington for the opening weekend of KEENELAND! this is johns dad and his lovely gf, beth.

keeneland was packed and really really made me want to go shopping! all the amazing dresses these days make me feel like i need to win the lottery to have everything i saw. 

the main reason we went to keeneland though was to watch john's dad's horse race!!  her name is gold rush girl and she is absolutely beautiful.  unfortunately she didn't win, but she looked great anyway. after all, it doesn't matter what you score, it's all about what you wore... right??

how sweet is the moment i captured with colton and john's dad?  we are so blessed that our families can be as close as we are. i love it. my sisters son and my fiancés father. <3

the ladies man. 

my man. i can't believe it's almost just 6 months until we say i do. 

happy easter!  this little guy and i love each other. thanks to his aunt, he learned how to scream sing at the top of his lungs.  i call it singing, others call is shouting.

speaking of screaming...

colton was terrrrrified of the easter bunny. hahahahahhah

me & mi madre. ain't she a beaut?
we had an incredible brunch in cincinnati at the metropolitan club. one of my favorite traditions.  

in other bad news, my brother in law accidentally hit my car while he was backing out of the driveway. accidents happen. but taylor - the next time you hit my car, please make sure its totaled.  :)

i hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend.  

what'd you do?



we are the


go cats!!!  i couldn't be happier to announce the university of kentucky men's basketball team brought home #8 when they defeated kansas in the national championship game in new orleans.  

this crew braved the wee hours of the morning to cheer our CATS onto victory!!  

and the most precious will wildcat, lucy!  

short, but sweet, the post has everything you need to know about the celebratory victory.

how did you celebrate??



game day!

is it 9:23pm yet??
because tonight, it is pure excitement as coach cal leads the kentucky wildcats to the national championship game against kansas... whom the CATS defeated a few months ago.  but the rematch will be remarkable, as both teams are not the same they were in the first game. 
but how could you not love these guys?? this team has so much talent, personality, respect for each other, and have done a remarkable job of representing the winningest basketball school in the nation. 
while the university of kentucky students are not making the rest of us too proud, i have to admit ... i'd probably be just as crazy as a college kid in the amazing city of lexington.  sure, it isn't the classiest thing to burn couches (or cars) but it is definitely not an ideal time for college students to make the best decisions in a time of such adrenaline rushes.
it has been an absolutely incredible tournament from beating indiana (who kentucky's one loss was from) to the largest rival known to man kind, the university of louisville.  it was a definite nail biter on saturday night but the end result was well worth it.
also, did anyone else notice- when uk beat uofl in decemeber, the score was 69-62. on saturday, the score was 69-61. crazy!

my facebook news feed is full of kentucky fans living the life in new orleans. although i really wish we could've made the trip, it is pretty nice to be in kentucky for the games!  the energy around here is incredible, with blue flags everywhere you look. 

BRING HOME #8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you cheering loud and hard for the cats tonight?!

{pictures from the greatest kentuckysports site, kentuckysportsradio}

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