colton is uno

little baby colton is growing into a man. well, not really, but at least we won't say his age in a matter of "months" but in "years" and i adore watching this kiddo grow.
jessie did an incredible job with the details of his first birthday party. with over 80 people on the invite list, it was bound to be a success with all the kids and party fun.
i decided to go for the more "hardcore" look on colton with the scarf on his head instead of around his neck. he looks like a rebel, doesn't he?

the party was western themed, obvi, so this cake was the perfect addition.  

are you ready for this cuteness overload?

so much fun to watch the parents with the kids.

my little love. 

because he's the cutest 1 year old i've ever seen.

he may not have mastered the art of walking quite yet but the kid can certainly eat!

how awesome is this gift? it says "colton special" on the back. 

colton loooooooves his grandpa!

melts your heart, doesn't it?

and to finish with a picture of my love love. 

happy first birthday colton baby!


Rachel said...

What a cute birthday party!! Love it!

Lindsey said...

This party is beyond!! The details are perfect and yes, he is the cutest!!! Love it all.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

SUCH a great party! :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

What an adorable 1st birthday party!! My son Owen is only 3 months and I'm already collecting ideas :) Happy birthday to your little guy!

Colleen @ Meet the Sullivans

Lindsay said...

What an ADORABLE party :)

Ashley said...

Baby C!! Aren't you just the most precious little muffin around! Happy first birthday!!!

and you and bedroom eyes....looking good missy....looking good!

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