game day!

is it 9:23pm yet??
because tonight, it is pure excitement as coach cal leads the kentucky wildcats to the national championship game against kansas... whom the CATS defeated a few months ago.  but the rematch will be remarkable, as both teams are not the same they were in the first game. 
but how could you not love these guys?? this team has so much talent, personality, respect for each other, and have done a remarkable job of representing the winningest basketball school in the nation. 
while the university of kentucky students are not making the rest of us too proud, i have to admit ... i'd probably be just as crazy as a college kid in the amazing city of lexington.  sure, it isn't the classiest thing to burn couches (or cars) but it is definitely not an ideal time for college students to make the best decisions in a time of such adrenaline rushes.
it has been an absolutely incredible tournament from beating indiana (who kentucky's one loss was from) to the largest rival known to man kind, the university of louisville.  it was a definite nail biter on saturday night but the end result was well worth it.
also, did anyone else notice- when uk beat uofl in decemeber, the score was 69-62. on saturday, the score was 69-61. crazy!

my facebook news feed is full of kentucky fans living the life in new orleans. although i really wish we could've made the trip, it is pretty nice to be in kentucky for the games!  the energy around here is incredible, with blue flags everywhere you look. 

BRING HOME #8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you cheering loud and hard for the cats tonight?!

{pictures from the greatest kentuckysports site, kentuckysportsradio}


Kerr said...

Ahhhh I can not freaking wait! Go cats!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Boooo. Go Kansasss!!!! :)
Last time Coach Cal was at the Championship game in 2008...he lost against Kansas. Hope that happens again!! :)

ha...sorry girl. I'm a Memphis fan which means I am ANTI-Coach Cal!


Lindsay said...

ROOTING for you guys! XOXO Wish I was there!

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