weekend wraps

after spending saturday in the car for six hours and at my grandmother's funeral for 4 hours, we knew it was appropriate to treat ourselves to a day outside on sunday.
my dad, my fiancé, and i spent the day golfing on sunday and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

while they practiced their swings, i practiced my snap shots. 

these two guys are amazing. could i be any more blessed?  

after playing hours upon hours of golf, it was only right to finish the links with a few stella's.

and perfect it was.

we ended the week with having my sister, my nephew, and johns brother over for a nice cook out.  can you believe this guy will be 1 on wednesday??  wow, i can't imagine life before him. 

so even though the weekend was quick and a lot was spent celebrating the 90 year life of my grandmother, it was one of those weekends that i just don't want to end. 

how was your weekend? did you do anything crazy exciting?



Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

What a lovely weekend! We watched gold on tv this weekend, but must have been nice to actually be on the course! Pretty pictures :)

Rachel said...

Those are great pictures! :)
Looks like a nice day outside!

Ashley said...

sorry again about your grandma sweet friend.....so glad you guys got some time to unwind. love you!

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