our first shower

call me crazy but i could volunteer to be a permanent guest of honor and have continuous wedding showers.  over the weekend, john and i had our first shower and it was quite incredible.
our wonderful hostesses had the shower at my moms friend karen's house and her house in amazing. it is still an original log cabin with a few add ons here and there to make it extraordinary.
moi, nique, alex. 
karen, my mama, and judy. can you see the pure happiness and perfection of this picture?  these are hands down three of my favorite ladies. 
my grandpa, grandma, future husband, myself, my dad, and johns dad.
what's that you ask? what shoes did i decide to wear with my most favorite blue and white dress?  these! i knew i needed a pop of color and these were perfect. secretly, i wish i wore some pink jewelry on top but life goes on, right?

my mama, popop, nanoo, johnny, moi, my dad, my stepdad mom karen, and johns dad
alex is one of the bridesmaids and always beautiful. and her handsome hubby michael.
i gave my sister the camera for full photographer duties for the evening and to be nice, i'll just say... this is the best shot of the food spread.  ...thanks jess...  ;)
the backyard is no ordinary backyard.
it is beautiful, perfect, gorgeous, private, and welcoming. can you see the pool in the back? 
my future hubby, my matron of honor, kentuckyblonde, my brother in law.
my stepdad rrrrrrrick.
these are some of my moms friends and amazing women. 

john and i are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and being surrounded by such supportive and loving couples. we are lucky to have such inspirational role models to help us develop a healthy, solid, and happy relationship.  

some of the best advice i've received is from my sister and i think about it all the time. it's so true...

the secret to a healthy relationship is laughter and trust. 



big 2.6.

hello my friends!  i know i have plenty to catch y'all up on but as for today, i'll be spending my time here, at my mamas pool!

because today is my birthday and it's full of eating, relaxing, spending time with friends, tanning, laughing, drinking, and not having a worry in the world.

after an incredible long weekend (which included our very first wedding shower!) and memorial day (thank you to the men and women that serve and served this country!) and a date night, it is the perfect way to spend today.


happy birthday to me. happy birthday to meeeeee!


she's crafty: night stand edition

i do not claim to be the ultimate diy-er but when i don't completely screw something up, i enjoy sharing my success.  then again, i enjoy sharing my failures too.  
after my grandmother passed away, rip, i decided she would want me to enjoy her night stand tables to its fullest potential and in order to do so, i took it upon myself to refinish these beauts into something i would love.

i got my wisdom tooth out earlier this week so this was the perfect project to keep me busy but not exhausted.  

first, i chose the furniture and took some before photos.

second, i brought them outside and SANDED away. some people would recommend a hand electronic sander but i prefer the old fashion way of putting some elbow grease in and sanding and sweating myself. 

let. me. tell. you.  it was dusty!  i washed these puppies down and let 'em dry out like those derby horses after a nice wash down.  

i decided our bedroom needed something wiiiild and this paint color would be just perfect. i chose behr gem turquoise and knew it would be everything we needed.  

WAAHLAA!!  and these, my friends, are our newest additions.

i LOVE the pop of color these add to our still too bachelor pad esque for me bedroom and i cannot wait to fancy it up a little more.

i will be out shopping for some knobs today but just couldn't wait to share.

and with the knobs, i plan to buy some new lamps, clearly. 

so what do you think?!  do you like the addition?


not my fault, kinda.

 i'd like to begin this post by saying my slight hiatus is simply not my fault.  you see, i have been a slacker with my camera lately (ok, that's my fault) but luckily, my bestie, cat, has been there as a backup photographer.  however, her skills end there as she apparently has a tough time moving said photos to the computer. :) just kidding, cat, i love you.

so while we patiently wait for DERBY photos and some pictures from one of the greatest weddings of all time, here are some of my oldies but goodies. oh, did i mention i went to a wedding on saturday? the band also played at jenna bush's wedding. royalty? i think so!

all dogs were invited to the pool party on derby day. (we skipped the whole churchill downs thing this year, but of course still dressed up with our hats and gorgeous gowns before swapping that out for bathing suits.)  before we knew it, reggie and lucy were best buds and cuddling on the towel. spoiled dogs won't sit on the brick. 

ohhh, you're wondering what we registered for as our china and everyday wear??  you are in luck!  
our china is "royal crown derby darley abbey 5 piece place setting" and our everyday is "skyros legado design" and i simply love them!  our everyday even has a great big "W" monogrammed and i cannot wait to use them!
mi familia, up at the levee in northern kentucky. my grandpa, mom, aunt, grandma, cousin maggie, sister jessie, nephew colton, moi, cousin cameron. 

hint!  this is my newest work of art. i LOVE it and cannot wait to share!!

john and i snatched this bubba keg from a yard sale for $1!!!  one dollar! best money ever spent. 

on the way to the amazing wedding on saturday night with cat. it was black tie and we loved playing the roles of exquisite formality and acting like the ladies we are. it was an incredible night.

and that, my friends, is what kentuckyblonde has been up to lately. 

how was your weekend!?




the morning began around 5:45am when we ventured to the backside of churchill downs to see the beginning of prepping the horses for DERBY! 
johns dad owns two horses that will be racing tomorrow so he brought us to see the behind the scenes work of the jockeys, horses, owners, trainers, and horse washers.  

it was an absolutely beautiful morning and the feeling of the magnificent kentucky derby was surrounding our excitement.

the view from the backside to the twin towers. infamous.

if i could be anything, i'd be a horse photographer.

how blessed am i?

my fiancé, my future father in law, my dad.

the love of my life. 

in true kentucky fashion, these guys were sitting in front of us.

never gets old.

his horse kept sticking his tongue out at us. how rude!

true kentucky.

where the horses live.

and these are the betting windows in the paddock... calm before the storm. 

empty today, full tomorrow.

colton loves horses too.

two of these horses are john's dad's horse. pretty cool, eh?

johns dad, my sister, moi, my dad, my nephew. :)

here's to winning tons of $$ on the winning horse!

who are you betting for?  



it's not just tuesday

it is may 1st!!  
it is officially the month of the kentucky derby, my birthday, my brother graduates from med school, my little sis graduates from college of charleston, three wedding showers, and the kickoff to our double digits number of weddings for the year.  

every year, the first saturday of may is full of kentucky pride, bourbon, horses, hats, betting, and churchill downs.  for every person in derby city, it is a continuous countdown for all the thousands of festivities during this time. two weekends ago, we celebrated thunder over louisville, last weekend was the art fair, and this weekend is the big race. plenty of celebs in town for the fiasco, the best of the best come out to play, and the feeling of life in louisville is absolutely incredible.  

let's just say the state of kentucky has been on a constant high since the ncaa tournament.  so much to be happy about around here!  
{my love and me at derby last year}

if you're not from derby city, i certainly hope you add it to your bucket list to make a trip here for the first saturday of may in the future.  but i will also point out, go big or go home. :)

i'm out of here now to go search for all the celebs! i'd die if guiliana and bill were here. a girl can dream!  

what is your city known for??  have you ever been to derby?

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