the morning began around 5:45am when we ventured to the backside of churchill downs to see the beginning of prepping the horses for DERBY! 
johns dad owns two horses that will be racing tomorrow so he brought us to see the behind the scenes work of the jockeys, horses, owners, trainers, and horse washers.  

it was an absolutely beautiful morning and the feeling of the magnificent kentucky derby was surrounding our excitement.

the view from the backside to the twin towers. infamous.

if i could be anything, i'd be a horse photographer.

how blessed am i?

my fiancé, my future father in law, my dad.

the love of my life. 

in true kentucky fashion, these guys were sitting in front of us.

never gets old.

his horse kept sticking his tongue out at us. how rude!

true kentucky.

where the horses live.

and these are the betting windows in the paddock... calm before the storm. 

empty today, full tomorrow.

colton loves horses too.

two of these horses are john's dad's horse. pretty cool, eh?

johns dad, my sister, moi, my dad, my nephew. :)

here's to winning tons of $$ on the winning horse!

who are you betting for?  



Katelyn K, said...

Love the derby! Being from Kentucky it's defiantly in my top 5on my bucket list! I don't know which I like more the dressing up part or the horses? :)

Kerr said...

I have been stalking Kentucky.com for all the pictures this week. I love the bath time pictures! Who are your horses so I can cheer for them? !

Kim said...

Ok, this may be really really random and I've never actually commented on your blog before (although I do read it all the time) but I actually know your future FIL from church...not actually know him, know him, but we have sat behind him for years and years in the same section and my husband actually serves with him too... small world! (now I kinda feel like a stalker!) :)
I love this time of year and it is always so special to be from here. These past couple of weeks are seriously my favorite! So lucky you got to go see behind the scenes... I bet it's beautiful watching the horses get ready.
Which race are John's dads horses in?

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

My favorite was the horsey with the tongue sticking out :)

JWF said...

Your pictures are fantastic! I'll be betting on Gemologist...know the owner??? ;)

Ashley said...

ahhhh i can't wait to see the follow up post! i have always wanted to go to the derby! so cool that your lover-boo has derby horse-brothers! i love it! you look so pretty in these mama! love love love!

Al said...

Sweetheart, that looks like a dream come true! I grew up on a horse farm and I have ALWAYS wanted to make it to the Derby - maybe next year :)

Love your blog, so glad I stumbled across you today!

Angel said...

all these pictures are amazing! my dad is from kentucky so the derby is talked about a lot in my house! and my mom enjoys collecting the glasses from thrift stores haha. i would love to go one year!

SHF said...

I'm so glad I found your blog - I LOVE your photos from the Derby! Going to the Run for the Roses is on my bucket list!


Amanda said...

Umm, yeah. I am VERY jealous. It is on my bucket list to see the Derby in person. How cool that you got to experience the behind the scenes stuff! Love this post!!

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