it's not just tuesday

it is may 1st!!  
it is officially the month of the kentucky derby, my birthday, my brother graduates from med school, my little sis graduates from college of charleston, three wedding showers, and the kickoff to our double digits number of weddings for the year.  

every year, the first saturday of may is full of kentucky pride, bourbon, horses, hats, betting, and churchill downs.  for every person in derby city, it is a continuous countdown for all the thousands of festivities during this time. two weekends ago, we celebrated thunder over louisville, last weekend was the art fair, and this weekend is the big race. plenty of celebs in town for the fiasco, the best of the best come out to play, and the feeling of life in louisville is absolutely incredible.  

let's just say the state of kentucky has been on a constant high since the ncaa tournament.  so much to be happy about around here!  
{my love and me at derby last year}

if you're not from derby city, i certainly hope you add it to your bucket list to make a trip here for the first saturday of may in the future.  but i will also point out, go big or go home. :)

i'm out of here now to go search for all the celebs! i'd die if guiliana and bill were here. a girl can dream!  

what is your city known for??  have you ever been to derby?



Kerr said...

Exciting! I am making derby pie and ale8 cookies for a party!

Mrs. W said...

Sounds like an exciting month ahead! Never been to the derby but it's on my list!

Natasha said...

jeff got invited for us to go to the derby this year, but no go with the bambino--boo :( maybe next year...i haven't gone since i was a kid!!

Ashley said...

Could you have a fuller month of wonderfullness? I think not! The Derby has been on my bucket list FOR-ever! One day i WILL come and I will get to see you and BE and it will be glorious!

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