not my fault, kinda.

 i'd like to begin this post by saying my slight hiatus is simply not my fault.  you see, i have been a slacker with my camera lately (ok, that's my fault) but luckily, my bestie, cat, has been there as a backup photographer.  however, her skills end there as she apparently has a tough time moving said photos to the computer. :) just kidding, cat, i love you.

so while we patiently wait for DERBY photos and some pictures from one of the greatest weddings of all time, here are some of my oldies but goodies. oh, did i mention i went to a wedding on saturday? the band also played at jenna bush's wedding. royalty? i think so!

all dogs were invited to the pool party on derby day. (we skipped the whole churchill downs thing this year, but of course still dressed up with our hats and gorgeous gowns before swapping that out for bathing suits.)  before we knew it, reggie and lucy were best buds and cuddling on the towel. spoiled dogs won't sit on the brick. 

ohhh, you're wondering what we registered for as our china and everyday wear??  you are in luck!  
our china is "royal crown derby darley abbey 5 piece place setting" and our everyday is "skyros legado design" and i simply love them!  our everyday even has a great big "W" monogrammed and i cannot wait to use them!
mi familia, up at the levee in northern kentucky. my grandpa, mom, aunt, grandma, cousin maggie, sister jessie, nephew colton, moi, cousin cameron. 

hint!  this is my newest work of art. i LOVE it and cannot wait to share!!

john and i snatched this bubba keg from a yard sale for $1!!!  one dollar! best money ever spent. 

on the way to the amazing wedding on saturday night with cat. it was black tie and we loved playing the roles of exquisite formality and acting like the ladies we are. it was an incredible night.

and that, my friends, is what kentuckyblonde has been up to lately. 

how was your weekend!?



cat said...

Ok ok it's my fault!! I don't have the cord to move said pictures to my computer, but I promise I'm getting there!! Sorry ky blonders

Lindsay said...

SO glad your back...I missed you. xoxo

Kerr said...

The pups are precious!

Rebecca said...

great blog post =] lovin the pics! Im doing an earring giveaway on my blog right now, you should definitely enter =]

blue roses said...

the pups are adorable, and i love the china pattern!


Sunni Dae @ It's A Sunni Dae said...

Hey! Stop by and check out my giveaway! :)

LB said...

I ADORE the W plates!!

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