our first shower

call me crazy but i could volunteer to be a permanent guest of honor and have continuous wedding showers.  over the weekend, john and i had our first shower and it was quite incredible.
our wonderful hostesses had the shower at my moms friend karen's house and her house in amazing. it is still an original log cabin with a few add ons here and there to make it extraordinary.
moi, nique, alex. 
karen, my mama, and judy. can you see the pure happiness and perfection of this picture?  these are hands down three of my favorite ladies. 
my grandpa, grandma, future husband, myself, my dad, and johns dad.
what's that you ask? what shoes did i decide to wear with my most favorite blue and white dress?  these! i knew i needed a pop of color and these were perfect. secretly, i wish i wore some pink jewelry on top but life goes on, right?

my mama, popop, nanoo, johnny, moi, my dad, my stepdad mom karen, and johns dad
alex is one of the bridesmaids and always beautiful. and her handsome hubby michael.
i gave my sister the camera for full photographer duties for the evening and to be nice, i'll just say... this is the best shot of the food spread.  ...thanks jess...  ;)
the backyard is no ordinary backyard.
it is beautiful, perfect, gorgeous, private, and welcoming. can you see the pool in the back? 
my future hubby, my matron of honor, kentuckyblonde, my brother in law.
my stepdad rrrrrrrick.
these are some of my moms friends and amazing women. 

john and i are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and being surrounded by such supportive and loving couples. we are lucky to have such inspirational role models to help us develop a healthy, solid, and happy relationship.  

some of the best advice i've received is from my sister and i think about it all the time. it's so true...

the secret to a healthy relationship is laughter and trust. 



Amanda said...

What a beautiful location for a shower. That back yard is spectacular!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful shower!

Natasha said...

jayme!! you are GLOWING my dear, as you should be during this special time...looks like a spectacular first shower celebrating YOU--soak every moment in friend!!

Danielle said...

Looks like fun!! You are gorgeous!! Loving your blog!

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