weekend madness

friday night, i have no pictures. it's a blessing.  

but big news...

john got a promotion and we CeLeBrAtEd!!  (wow, it's been like 17 years since i did tHis tYpE of writing and it was secretly fun going back to the aol profile state of mind.)

anyway, i am so proud of his hard work and dedication and i cannot think of a single person in the world that deserves a promotion more than my man.  

congratulations john, you are my hero. 

on saturday, my boo and i babysat my nephew colton for 24 full hours while my sister and brother in law ventured to nashville for the kenny chesney and tim mcgraw concert. JEALOUS! 

i had so much fun babysitting these three guys... john, colton, and dexter.

my heart has never been so full after watching my incredible fiancĂ© with my absolutely perfect nephew.  john is so great with colton and i am beyond thankful. i cannot wait until i can make john a father. whoaaaa whoa jayme, back up!  

happy happy baby.

by now, you are probably aware of my love for my grandmother.  

she came to louisville to stay with us for four days and we loved every second of it.  

terrible picture of yours truly, but love this picture anyway.

my mom has been gone for the month of june... get this...
june 1-10: she was in hong kong with her girlfriends
june 13-21: hawaii to help move my brother there
june 21- 26: she's in denver with her college girlfriends.

she certainly deserves the break but i'm definitely jealous of her amazing trips! we missed her while my grandmother was in town.  

what did you do this weekend?


with a heavy heart

it has been a whole week but i haven't stopped thinking about this.

last monday, my brother-in-laws old tennis coach was involved in a horrific news story and it has made my heart so heavy that i have felt the need to share the story.

seven days ago, mike (the tennis coach) went to work with an extra duty, to bring his 8 month old son to day care. however, with much more on his mind, he forgot to drop his son off.

after 8 hours of work, he found his lifeless son still strapped in his car seat in the parking lot. he drove to his house in hopes that his wife, who works in the medical field, could revive their son, lincoln.  

around 6:18pm, their son lincoln was pronounced dead from being left in the hot car all day.  i cannot imagine the pain and hurt his family is going through and i hate the thought of any child going through such torture.  

my heart is so heavy for them and while there are comments after comments on local news articles that are full of hate, i do believe accidents happen. the pain this family is going through is unfathomable and its times like these i think it is important for empathy to come through and provide support. if i can't make sure each child is safe, the least i can do is provide some type of awareness for others.

there are so many questions: didn't the parents talk throughout the day and ask how the dare care drop off went? did he think of the baby throughout the day? what if he forgot something in his car that made him go out there shortly after getting to work? why didn't the day care call to see where the baby was that day? did no one else see the baby in the car? so many questions but no answers. i pray for this family and this little baby and hope they support each other during this time. 

i went onto forgetmenotusa.com and found some interesting information about an organization that was set up for this cause. for starters, there are on average, 38 deaths per year in the US from leaving a child in  car.  so please, take a moment and check out the web site and get the word going.  especially during these extremely high temperatures during the upcoming summer months, it is important to bring this topic to the front of people's minds.  

thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. love love. 


bachelorette, father, baby, garden, fire

i'm willing to bet you've never seen a better title than this one. but i guarantee you, they go together. well, here anyway.
this weekend was definitely one for the books. it was lauren's bachelorette party and it was simply PERFECT!  we started with a lingerie shower on friday night with a full day saturday. it began with a pole dancing class, dinner at the hard rock cafe, the improv comedy club to see ralph harris, and then a night until the wee hours of the morning at the bars. 

i am by far the most uncoordinated person ever and my signature dance includes 
pointing my middle fingers out, 
shaking my hips like a grandmother, 
and doing the occasional kick when i've had enough to drink. 
to say i was terrified of the pole dancing class is an understatement.

however, if you learn ANYTHING from this blog, it's this: pole dancing classes with a bachelorette party are one of the most fun things i've ever done in my life. at one point, i even said "this just feels so natural" ...and then i perfected the fireman's pole routine. 

this fellah in the middle is the comedian, the hottie with the veil is the bride-to-be on july 14th, and the red striped hottie is the pregnant former bridesmaid who will have a baby boy on july 15th. hence, the former bridesmaid position.

father's day was celebrated with mi padre and i love him dearly! to the best friend a little girl could ask for. i've said it before and i'll say it again... 
daddy, you're the inspiration and the reason why 
my sister and i chose such wonderful men to live with
 for the rest of our lives.

my maid of honor and my ring bearer. 

A NEW BABY!!!!!  my brother in law (taylor), has a brother named robbie. in this picture, it's the beautiful family of robbie, his gorgeous wife elizabeth and their BRAND NEW BABY, LOCK!!  i couldn't be happier for them and adore them. 

i did it! i did it!  this is my backyard. it used to look like a jungle with no end and no beginning.
after numerous hours and a lot of money to home depot, johns brother, brian, and i mastered the backyard i am SO HAPPY!  i'm growing six different flowers that i don't know the names of and some veggies & herbs: tomatoes, basil, cucumber, bell peppers, and mint! 

we already had a fire pit but it was a poor excuse and looked like a rednecks outhouse. so with a shovel, bricks we already had, some extra stone, and a lot of sweat, brian and i also redid this beauty. i am so excited that this house is really coming together.

so here's to a productive monday to begin another wonderful week!

ps - i created a goal to run at least 10 miles a week (have i mentioned i am a terrible runner and i hate it?) and i'm glad to say i completed the goal last week and i'm well on my way this week. go me!

what's your summer goal?



this guy, my brother, is moving to HAWAII tomorrow so in true crazy family fashion, we celebrated his adventure in hawaii traditions. 
i'll admit, it's an incredible opportunity for alex but i'm going to miss him!  he is going for five years to do his residency in hawaii.  {he's specializing in orthopedic surgery}

my cousin riley and his girlfriend christina. love these two. and yes, those are coconut boobs.

what? a party without colton. get real. 

riley and christina in the hang up thingy where you put your head through it and it's always funny. no matter what.

look at that face. both of them. my mom and my nephew. 

our neighbor came through and decided to hang out for awhile. isn't she a miniature mila kunis??  colton LOVED her. 

see that sexy face colton is giving? that's how you know i'm his aunt.

my husband in four months. WHOA!

we had to snap our christmas card because alex will be gone so here it is!  thoughts?  love my family. so much.

even dexter was celebrating!

you'll certainly be missed.
but you better believe there will be some hawaiian visits in our future.
i hope you learn a lot in your time away,
but in five years,
you better be back in louisville!
being the only brother in a family full of girls,
rick, john, and taylor really need you.
and your sisters do too.
so don't forget about us rednecks here in kentucky,
we love you!!



playing catch up

with our calendars completely booked until august, it's time to catch up on the life of kentucky blonde before busy season really hits full force and i find myself lost in blog post confusion.  
lauren (in the middle) is getting married july 14th and i could not be happier to be a bridesmaid in this wedding. 

her bridal luncheon was beautiful with amazing food and gorgeous flowers and even better company.

and awesome gifts too. ;)

have you ever had a hot brown?  the shower was held at captains quarters on the river and they are said to have the third best hot browns ever. i've also had the rumored number one and two and i'll admit, i think captains quarters wins.
i left the bridal luncheon of lauren and headed to the shower of marcy and jordan. they are getting married this weekend (!!!!!) and they are certainly a beautiful couple.  john went to high school with jordan and they now work together. marcy and i are both members of the "wives/fiances of a cpa" club aka our men work all the time.

after lauren's luncheon and jordan & marcy's shower, we headed to an authentic german restaurant to surprise john's dad for his birthday. john and his brothers, brian and peter.

happy happy birthday. awesome photo by yours truly.

and i could. not. be. happier to show some pictures of the beauuuutiful bride, alyson. her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and i'll do a full recap later but i just needed to share!

moi and the grahams. 

three showers in one day and then a wedding. :)  life is full and my smile is here to stay. wedding update coming soon. ow! ow!


i just knew it (crown edition)

tuning into the miss usa pageant is an annual occurrence for me but this year, i was exceptionally excited because miss kentucky is a friend and it's been exciting watching amanda go through the process.  
but, as soon as i saw the hair flouncing, happy go lucky rhode island, i knew she would take the crown no matter how loudly i cheered at the tv. and when she answered the question about a transgender contestant in the miss usa competition, it was a done deal.  this girl is absolutely gorgeous and looks like she was born for that crown.  
but i have to say, i loved miss georgia.  she is flawless!  
and this is miss kentucky. she represented the state perfectly and even though she didn't win, she was still standing on that stage  at the miss usa pageant which is a lot more than i can say for myself.

to no surprise, i really think giuliana rancic could've won the crown because she is the closest to perfect i've ever seen!  obsessed?  yup! i am. and kelly osbourne looked phenomenal too, even if her interview with akon was a little bit awkward.  and andy cohen was wonderful too, per usual. 

so did you watch the pageant!? who was your favorite?  did you like the girl that represented your state?  

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