this guy, my brother, is moving to HAWAII tomorrow so in true crazy family fashion, we celebrated his adventure in hawaii traditions. 
i'll admit, it's an incredible opportunity for alex but i'm going to miss him!  he is going for five years to do his residency in hawaii.  {he's specializing in orthopedic surgery}

my cousin riley and his girlfriend christina. love these two. and yes, those are coconut boobs.

what? a party without colton. get real. 

riley and christina in the hang up thingy where you put your head through it and it's always funny. no matter what.

look at that face. both of them. my mom and my nephew. 

our neighbor came through and decided to hang out for awhile. isn't she a miniature mila kunis??  colton LOVED her. 

see that sexy face colton is giving? that's how you know i'm his aunt.

my husband in four months. WHOA!

we had to snap our christmas card because alex will be gone so here it is!  thoughts?  love my family. so much.

even dexter was celebrating!

you'll certainly be missed.
but you better believe there will be some hawaiian visits in our future.
i hope you learn a lot in your time away,
but in five years,
you better be back in louisville!
being the only brother in a family full of girls,
rick, john, and taylor really need you.
and your sisters do too.
so don't forget about us rednecks here in kentucky,
we love you!!



Sophie said...

looks like such a fun party. colton is so cute!
5 years in Hawaii? i think your brother is one lucky guy!

Kerr said...

What a fun place for residency! Ps. Dexter is a handsome pup!

Riley Grimme said...

Colton LOVED that girl like Nanoo loves leftovers

Jenny B said...

Um the photo of your mom & Colton's heads...HILARIOUS! Best family ever! Plus what's a KYBlonde post without a poem???

Ashley said...

does young hot doctor alex need a, say brunette hawaiin wife? (dash will TOTALLY understand) ;) haha

miss you muffin!!! i've been so MIA apart from posting here and there. hope you are doing good. wedding is coming sooooon right?!?! :)

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