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i'm willing to bet you've never seen a better title than this one. but i guarantee you, they go together. well, here anyway.
this weekend was definitely one for the books. it was lauren's bachelorette party and it was simply PERFECT!  we started with a lingerie shower on friday night with a full day saturday. it began with a pole dancing class, dinner at the hard rock cafe, the improv comedy club to see ralph harris, and then a night until the wee hours of the morning at the bars. 

i am by far the most uncoordinated person ever and my signature dance includes 
pointing my middle fingers out, 
shaking my hips like a grandmother, 
and doing the occasional kick when i've had enough to drink. 
to say i was terrified of the pole dancing class is an understatement.

however, if you learn ANYTHING from this blog, it's this: pole dancing classes with a bachelorette party are one of the most fun things i've ever done in my life. at one point, i even said "this just feels so natural" ...and then i perfected the fireman's pole routine. 

this fellah in the middle is the comedian, the hottie with the veil is the bride-to-be on july 14th, and the red striped hottie is the pregnant former bridesmaid who will have a baby boy on july 15th. hence, the former bridesmaid position.

father's day was celebrated with mi padre and i love him dearly! to the best friend a little girl could ask for. i've said it before and i'll say it again... 
daddy, you're the inspiration and the reason why 
my sister and i chose such wonderful men to live with
 for the rest of our lives.

my maid of honor and my ring bearer. 

A NEW BABY!!!!!  my brother in law (taylor), has a brother named robbie. in this picture, it's the beautiful family of robbie, his gorgeous wife elizabeth and their BRAND NEW BABY, LOCK!!  i couldn't be happier for them and adore them. 

i did it! i did it!  this is my backyard. it used to look like a jungle with no end and no beginning.
after numerous hours and a lot of money to home depot, johns brother, brian, and i mastered the backyard i am SO HAPPY!  i'm growing six different flowers that i don't know the names of and some veggies & herbs: tomatoes, basil, cucumber, bell peppers, and mint! 

we already had a fire pit but it was a poor excuse and looked like a rednecks outhouse. so with a shovel, bricks we already had, some extra stone, and a lot of sweat, brian and i also redid this beauty. i am so excited that this house is really coming together.

so here's to a productive monday to begin another wonderful week!

ps - i created a goal to run at least 10 miles a week (have i mentioned i am a terrible runner and i hate it?) and i'm glad to say i completed the goal last week and i'm well on my way this week. go me!

what's your summer goal?


Natasha said...

pole dancing...i am JEALOUS!!!!!!!

~Katie said...

Pole Dancing looks insanely fun. And your garden and fire pit look fabulous!

Kerr said...

Your garden looks so good! I am.impressed. all I can manage is two small pots with parsley and basil.

Sunni Dae said...

Pole dancing! Sounds like the perfect bachelorette party! :)
Its A Sunni Dae

Ashley said...

i think you needed to split this into 3 posts because this is just too much awesomeness.

i mean POLE DANCING!! i have secretly always wanted to do this and you just nailed it! my favorite part...."and then i perfected the fireman pole's routine" haha

and you're garden - you have a green thumb!!! will you grow me and dash a plant...i just realized i'm the only living thing in my apartment...maybe i'll get some mold...kidding ;)

haha love you!!! thanks again for today!

Rachel said...

That garden bed looks SO great! I see a hydrangea bush, no?? :)
I can't wait to have a yard with a garden and a fire pit!

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