playing catch up

with our calendars completely booked until august, it's time to catch up on the life of kentucky blonde before busy season really hits full force and i find myself lost in blog post confusion.  
lauren (in the middle) is getting married july 14th and i could not be happier to be a bridesmaid in this wedding. 

her bridal luncheon was beautiful with amazing food and gorgeous flowers and even better company.

and awesome gifts too. ;)

have you ever had a hot brown?  the shower was held at captains quarters on the river and they are said to have the third best hot browns ever. i've also had the rumored number one and two and i'll admit, i think captains quarters wins.
i left the bridal luncheon of lauren and headed to the shower of marcy and jordan. they are getting married this weekend (!!!!!) and they are certainly a beautiful couple.  john went to high school with jordan and they now work together. marcy and i are both members of the "wives/fiances of a cpa" club aka our men work all the time.

after lauren's luncheon and jordan & marcy's shower, we headed to an authentic german restaurant to surprise john's dad for his birthday. john and his brothers, brian and peter.

happy happy birthday. awesome photo by yours truly.

and i could. not. be. happier to show some pictures of the beauuuutiful bride, alyson. her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and i'll do a full recap later but i just needed to share!

moi and the grahams. 

three showers in one day and then a wedding. :)  life is full and my smile is here to stay. wedding update coming soon. ow! ow!


Morgan said...

A. I love your dress in the first photo.
B. The hot brown looks DELICIOUS!

Kerr said...

Holy hot brown I need one now!

Natasha said...

i cannot believe you managed to do that all!!! you must be one awesome friend ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have never heard of a hot brown, looks great!

Chelsea Coleen said...

stalked some of these pictures on fb. DUH

i havent gotten my wedding invite in the mail yet-- did you send it to my apartment or my work? hehehe heeeey a gal can dream :)

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