with a heavy heart

it has been a whole week but i haven't stopped thinking about this.

last monday, my brother-in-laws old tennis coach was involved in a horrific news story and it has made my heart so heavy that i have felt the need to share the story.

seven days ago, mike (the tennis coach) went to work with an extra duty, to bring his 8 month old son to day care. however, with much more on his mind, he forgot to drop his son off.

after 8 hours of work, he found his lifeless son still strapped in his car seat in the parking lot. he drove to his house in hopes that his wife, who works in the medical field, could revive their son, lincoln.  

around 6:18pm, their son lincoln was pronounced dead from being left in the hot car all day.  i cannot imagine the pain and hurt his family is going through and i hate the thought of any child going through such torture.  

my heart is so heavy for them and while there are comments after comments on local news articles that are full of hate, i do believe accidents happen. the pain this family is going through is unfathomable and its times like these i think it is important for empathy to come through and provide support. if i can't make sure each child is safe, the least i can do is provide some type of awareness for others.

there are so many questions: didn't the parents talk throughout the day and ask how the dare care drop off went? did he think of the baby throughout the day? what if he forgot something in his car that made him go out there shortly after getting to work? why didn't the day care call to see where the baby was that day? did no one else see the baby in the car? so many questions but no answers. i pray for this family and this little baby and hope they support each other during this time. 

i went onto forgetmenotusa.com and found some interesting information about an organization that was set up for this cause. for starters, there are on average, 38 deaths per year in the US from leaving a child in  car.  so please, take a moment and check out the web site and get the word going.  especially during these extremely high temperatures during the upcoming summer months, it is important to bring this topic to the front of people's minds.  

thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. love love. 


Kerr said...

How horrible. I can not imagine the pain this family is going through. I hope they can find peace.

Kelly B. said...

Ugh... so tragic. I googled it and found the article, and then made the mistake (despite what you said) of reading the comments.

It's easy to sit behind your computer and judge, or pretend you're a detective... Nothing, nowadays, can be proscribed as an "accident" or a PURE tragedy. People always want to place blame. It's always malice or negligence. It's so sad and pathetic the way people jabber with zero accountability for their words.

My heart goes out to this poor, poor family. I can't even imagine living with this. I hope the father learns to forgive himself and finds peace.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

As a busy mom, this story broke my heart. Broke it!

I think when we hear about stories like this, we all want to believe that it could never, ever be us.

I can not imagine how I would handle that. I can't imagine what I would do. I can't imagine how I would blame myself, and I feel so heavy in my heart for Mike. It's such an unfair and unfortunate waste.

I'm sorry for your bro-in-law and his friend and their family. So, so sorry.

Kristin said...

That's awful. I'm so sorry.

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