and it goes on and on and on

happy tuesday, friends!  i hope this day brings you as much happiness as these pictures bring to me.  these will continue, and conclude, our fabulous time spent in hilton head.  
i took this photo on the ferry on our way back from dinner and i just love the following photos as well.

have you ever seen such beauty? sunset AND the american flag? so patriotic.

the group of my peeps.

i had to include both photos because they are quite remarkable. :)

my dad and my step mom. PEACE!

my love. 

my sister and i.  people say we look alike?

oh boy! i can only imagine what we saw over there!?

the men, where they belong.  on the golf course, with drinks and cigars.  

so my friends, i hope you enjoyed our trip back in time. it feels great to be back here in the ole bloggy blog world. 

catch me up real quick -- what's been going on with you?!



Emily Anne Pride said...

Such beautiful photos!

Ashley said...

SOOOOOOO jealous!!! i have missed HHI so much this summer. it's such an awesome place to live - it just needs more cool jobs for young people there - looks like a fabulous time!!

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