coastal living beach house tour

HI!!  i've missed everyone so much and i am so excited to be back with a bang and PLENTY of new blog material!!  

we have been on vacation since july 3rd and just returned yesterday. one of the places we visited was destin, florida... which happens to be the home of the coastal living ultimate beach house which erika, from urban grace interiors designed.  bragging time: i'm from the same hometown as erika. good ol' a-town kentucky.
i'm so lucky to have my best friend that willingly agrees to tour homes with me.

i'll let the photos speak for themselves but it really is BEAUTIFUL!!

look how the mirror is hung.

the home sold for $2.9.  someday, right?

can you see the detailed wallpaper?


that is the panel for the SHOWER!

hi me!

john relaxing.

it's all in the details.

this is the panel to control all the electronics in the house!

spice rack!

even the stairs make me happy.


great job erika. if i do say so myself.  ;)

love the floors. love the legs. love the walls. love the drapes. love the flip flops.

ping pong!

check out that theater.  

this is how they showcased all the colors in each room.

i'm OBSESSED with the full room drapes and rods. so pretty.

and this. this is a dream.

i love this wall paper.

so my friends, did you love the big debut of me being back in the blog world!?  i promise to be back with many catch up posts ... including wedding updates!!  less than 3 months, can you believe it?!


what's your favorite part of the house?


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

You've got to be kidding me. Oh my gosh. I have no words because everything is so damn perfect! Thanks for posting these, I've got some good ideas now... Like that mirror!

Rachel R said...

This is absolutely the most perfect house ever. I think i even saw a picture of the bunk room on Pinterest last night!! I just love the theater. Awesome pictures!

Morgan said...

Holy amazing home! So gorgeous! Love the bathrooms.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE doing these type of things. HOW FUN! Im coming back to KY this weekend..will you be around?:)

Natasha said...

absolutely incredible!!! my favorite would have to be the media room with the amazing ping pong table...thanks for sharing friend

Kerr said...

The pool and the theater are my favorites. The pool...omg my heaven.

Kate said...

That house is a-ma-zing! The theater is too cute and I just about died seeing that adorable striped ping pong table with the basket full of balls and paddles! ;)

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