colleton river

the month of july, john and i stayed in six different cities and only spent one night at our home. we were busy traveling to hilton head, new york city, destin florida, french lick indiana, and home for one of my best friends weddings.  

in an attempt to relive our vacation month, i will slowly but surely be reporting the latest happenings around here in the life of a kentucky blonde.  :)

we ventured down to hilton head island, specifically to colleton river plantation where my sister and brother in law have a membership for the fourth of july.
this guy, colton, loooved the seafood buffet for the dinner and also spent his time playing on the jumpy thing, hugging other kids (his favorite activity), rubbing popsicles all over his face, and running on all the golf greens.

jessie, colton, moi.
the whole crew.
my brother in law cash, my sis tori, my stepmom karen, my dad dan, my fiancé john, me, my sister jessie, my brother in law taylor, and my nephew colton.
quite the group, eh?

the love of my life.

cash and tori.

mi padre y karen.

taylor, jessie, and colton.

one night, we took the ferry to daufuskie island which was great. 

but not quite as great as jessie's hair and john's face in this picture.  

ahoy matey!

could you just EAT HIM RIGHT UP?!?!  oh goodness.

our three hardcore boys. don't mess with them.

the crew.

and since none of my other photos loaded here, i will leave you with an armadillo. because what's cooler than an armadillo? touché my friends, touché.


have you been to hilton head? what's your favorite part?


Chelsea Coleen said...

you are the coolest. and hilton head! yes! my friend grew up there! like went to high school there, so crazy! Colton is getting cuter and cuter with each day. and him and i have so much in common!!! i love hugging others and playing on jumpy things and rubbing popsicles all over my face too! soulmates <3

According to Jax said...

I'm actually headed to Hilton Head this weekend for a week. Ahhhh, i cant wait!! I've never been!!

Courtney Ferry Noland said...

You are really going to have to do a post about your camera and your settings because all of your pictures are absolutely perfect! Glad you had fun!

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