i survived: week one.

i survived!  this friday marks my first full week spent at my new job.  after a long time of searching and waiting for "the perfect one" i am glad to say, i've found it.  i couldn't be happier and the first full week of work is a glorious achievement. 
Friday friday friday 
but that clearly doesn't mean i'm not happy it's friday OR that it's a long weekend, for that matter. and i'm certainly ready to kick off FOOTBALL SEASON with a BANG!!

this weekend marks one of the greatest traditions in the bluegrass state: the rivalry football game between university of louisville and the university of kentucky.  you won't see me in the stands, but you'll definitely see me sportin my blue and tailgating with the best of 'em. 

so bring it on weekend! i'm ready to celebrate you!

what are your weekend plans?



showered in lexington

it still amazes me how blessed i am. this entire wedding process has made me realize how lucky i am and how precious my family is -- both my "old" family and my "almost new" family.
on sunday, johns grandmother and aunts hosted a beautiful shower for me and invited the ladies on my moms side of the family. the two sides had never met before and i was beyond excited to introduce everyone.
 the shower was held at johns grandparents house in lexington, so several people drove more than an hour to come show me some love.
we had some incredible homemade food and out-of-this-world coffee punch.  have you ever had coffee punch??  seriously, i crave it every minute of every day. 
johns cousin, emily, has an absolutely beautiful daughter, zoe, who we were so happy made an appearance.  as a complete understatement, she was the cutest center of attention and all eyes were on this beaut.  

 look at this beautiful family i am almost officially a part of, in less than two months!  johns lovely cousins and myself with my sister. 
the wonderful hostesses with moi. johns grandmother and two aunts.  the one on the far right is johns moms sister.  
 my mother, johns grandmother, kentuckyblonde, aunt susie, aunt sharon.

overall, i left leaving there with a completely full heart and so much happiness and joy.  i simply cannot believe how god has blessed me in this wonderful life and i cannot wait to see what is in store of johns and i in the future. 



that time i gave blood

after work yesterday, john told me he signed up to give blood at a blood drive and invited me to go.  i had never given blood before so i decided it would be a good thing to do.  i went.

i answered all the necessary questions and they pricked my finger. i thought the pricking of the finger was "giving blood" but apparently, i was wrong.

they put me on the table and began filling up the bag, which in my opinion, it was the same size of an Olympic pool, but no ryan lochte. i was nice and relaxed for the full time, which was either 10 minutes or 2 days, i can't really remember.

but when the man came to remove the needle, something happened.
he said, "how are you feeling?"


i said "not so well......"

my vision was blurred.
my body began sweating.
my eyes closed.
and i officially fainted. 
right there on the giving blood table.

i woke up to three red cross people fanning me, putting a box under my legs, cold rags on my neck, and a bucket "just in case" (which luckily i never had to use).  i begged for something to drink and downed my orange juice which was in a can the size of my pinky fingernail.

i had never been so scared but then i remembered it was for a good cause and all was right in the world. 

have you given blood? have you fainted? have you fainted during giving blood?

please tell me i'm not the only one! :)


happy happy birthday birthday x2 x2

happy happy birthday to my wonderful father who i simply adore!  i am so very blessed to be able to call my dad one of my very best friends.
and it's a bonus birthday because it is also my sister lauren's birthday!

lauren and her amazing man, scott, just got engaged!  they just chose their wedding date and i'm so happy to have another october sistah in the mix! watch out october 5, 2013, the frerman's will be taking over!!

love you both so much and here's to a-many more wonderful birthdays!! 

any weird birthday sharings in your family?


two month countdown!

wow. i really cannot believe we will be saying our "i do's" in two months exactly!
my monday morning began with waiting in line at the post office to send out our invitations!  162 invitations later and i'm so, so glad to have them out of the house.

i am beginning a new job {hopefully tomorrow!} so i was so thankful when my sister, nephew, and i took advantage of the limited mornings i have left and spent the morning on the boat. it was perfect.

our wedding band was playing at a local bar here on friday night so we gathered up our friends and ventured on to the dance floor. let's just say i was a little worried they would call and cancel on saturday after seeing my ridiculous dance moves. 

speaking of wedding bands.... john and i ordered our actual wedding bands, like the one that symbolizes our marriage. i had to send in my engagement ring to get the diamonds on the side to match perfectly and they gave me a loaner ring that is very close to mine but it's just not the same and i feel weird. 

and last but certainly not least...BACHELORETTE PARTY TIME!!  but not mine... yet!!  i was so excited to celebrate my cousin (the one in white, duh.) at her bachelorette party in cincinnati on saturday night. it was an amazing night that ended with an $86 bill at white castle.  what? you've never ordered 23 chicken ring sandwiches? rookie.

i had a blast meeting these new girls and getting to know them better.  it's weird how a stripper pole on a party bus can make strangers feel so comfortable.  ;)

here's to a wonderful monday and for the next two months to slow down because i love this engagement period!!  even though i CANNOT wait to be married. whoa, weird.




thursday night was the absolute perfect transition to a nice friday and a wonderful weekend.
john and i spent thursday night with the windows open, listening to the storm, with no lights on, except for the computer screen playing hundreds of "first dance songs" to choose our song.

he is certainly the best thing that has happened to me.

and dancing with this guy on october 20, and for the rest of my life is a dream come true.

so i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend

with the one(s) you love!!

because IT'S FRIDAY!  

what are your plans?


photographs from our ever so talented engagement session photographer, alicia, and the last one from interest.


wedding updates

hola mi amigas!  

wedding planning is in full force
as its a mere two months away!  TWO MONTHS?!

but i am loving every second of it and can't wait to call john mr. kentuckyblonde.


i've had a few questions and figured i'd try to answer some of them via mass blog post. 

yes, i am having a matron of honor and a maid of honor. to be quite honest, i haven't done the research of who will stand next to me, or who will fluff my dress the most, or which one is responsible for reapplying my lipstick throughout the night.
however, i do know my matron of honor will be next to me at the altar and my maid of honor will stand right next to her. my two sisters, jessie and sam, will be my matron and maid and i am incredibly blessed to have to make the tough decision of the duties of each one. if you find yourself in a tough situation like this, i'd say a nice rule of thumb is to go with the person you have known the longest to be closer to you. 

this is the church where we will say "i do" and between the meeting with them yesterday and the next one next tuesday, i could no be happier to know God is the reason for this marriage and to thank Him for the blessings he has placed in our lives. 

we are having our rehearsal dinner at morton's steakhouse and our meeting with them yesterday could not have gone any better.  its so funny to me to be deciding on linens and dimmers of lights and seating arrangements because i'm usually on the other side and just worried when the appropriate time to switch from vodka to wine is just right.

i have my second dress fitting today and i can't wait to show you all my zebra and pink wedding dress!!  hehe, i kid. i kid. but i can't share details because clearly mr. kentuckyblonde reads this occasionally.

so my friends, i hope this answered some questions. my most recent accomplishments have included:
ordering my garter, napkins, koozies
getting my envelopes addressed and stamped and stuffed
sending out the invites on monday
finalizing bridesmaids gifts
tasting the reception foods on sunday
ordering our wedding bands.

and a million more things.

wedding planning is fun but its definitely not for the indecisive, like me! 


any other wedding questions?! i'd love to answer anything! 

ps most photos via google.


that time i realized i'm old.

do you remember that time when i was so proud of my new little garden when it looked like this?:

well i am so proud to show you the new and improved garden that with a little bit of love and a whole lot of water, my garden is now full, fresh, beautiful, and ready to harvest a plethora of herbs and such.

basil on the left, tomatoes on the right.

and since i'm a proud new garden lover, i simply will overload you on photographs from mi jardin. 

wittle baby cherry tomatoes.

my very own bell pepper!

petunias.  they spread. like wild fire.

so beautiful. i'd by lying if i said i didn't have three of them in vases around the house.

when john sometimes forgets to bring me flowers, i simply cut them off from the back yard.  


so purdy.

if you don't have a garden, i recommend you start one.


easy like sunday morning.


cosmos.  the second best cosmo out there. clearly, the drink wins. 

so my friends, do you have a garden??  is there something i should add to mine?  i'm slowly but surely learning a little more about the green thumb but i love it!



showered with love

john and i just keep getting spoiled in this engagement journey and it is just so, so much fun!  

over the weekend, we had a wonderful "garden and outdoor entertaining" shower at my aunt's beautiful home with many of our best friends. 
this is alex, beau, and blaine.  
fun fact?
alex is awesome & his brother and my sister used to be lovebirds.
beau was my first friend EVER.   
blaine is katniss jennifer lawrence's brother.  
am i cool or what?

this is brian, johns brother, and kathy, my aunt!

their beautiful backyard and some candid shots.

hi rick!!

mi papa y stepmama.

jessie and taylor. 

some of the party crew. whoop whoop!

check. these. out!
jenny and courtney got us these AWESOME monogrammed corn hole boards!  AND in kentuckyblonde colors!  perfection!

a leaf blower?! YES!!!!  getting old is a funny thing.  getting pumped about leaf blower, hammocks, adirondack chairs, and watering cans.  just to name a few. but honestly, i'm the happiest girl with my newest belongings.

david, elizabeth, lynsey, and blaine. 

a better shot of the amazing boards.  i heard people in the north call the corn hole game "bags" ... what do you call them?

such beauties.  courtney, sam, and jenny.


what? an impromptu photo shoot? count us in. 

jenny's sexy face.
my maid of honor, the bride, and my matron of honor.

too much fun with a camera. it's times like this, they should be taken away.

i got a new garden apron {which i'm sporting in this picture} but i've realized it will also hold wine glasses and other important items.  john and i are here with the hostesses, tom and kathy.

we are so blessed and couldn't be happier to share this time with our best friends!  the wedding is closer to only TWO months away!  can you believe it?

what did you do this weekend?  XOXOXO

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