jeff & lauren's weekend o' love

three years ago, i began my journey of graduate school to get my mba.  little did i know, i would meet one of my very best lifelong friends during the torturous hours spent in the classroom.  lauren and i made up half of Team Dandy and it was the best school experience i could ever imagine.
it wasn't long after forming a friendship with lauren that i began hearing stories about jeff.  even though he is a huge tennessee fan, i gave him the benefit of the doubt.

on july 14, 2012, jeff and lauren said "i do" and i was one proud bridesmaid to stand next to my girl on that day to celebrate their relationship.

their photographs have been amazing and the wedding reception was an absolute blast.

and the rain? psh, that bride had no worries in the world! a tsunami could've come through louisville (which is basically did) and she still had a smile planted on her face.

husband & wife.

love these girls.

how amazingly cute is this idea??

the beautiful bride and myself while we were getting ready.

the bride's sister in law, kristina, who has the dance moves of a professional!

lauren and jeff,
i love you guys and i loved being a part of your big day!  welcome to the world o' dandies, jeff, you'll fit in just fine!  



Morgan said...

Love the bmaid mug shots! So funny!

Kerr said...

Gorgeous dresses!

Nicole said...

I'm starting grad school this month...I hope my experience is similar to yours! PS. Great pics!

Ashley said...

oh my gosh the brady bunch pic idea is amazing!!! and i love the bridesmaid dresses - so different!! you look so pretty girlfriend!

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