showered in lexington

it still amazes me how blessed i am. this entire wedding process has made me realize how lucky i am and how precious my family is -- both my "old" family and my "almost new" family.
on sunday, johns grandmother and aunts hosted a beautiful shower for me and invited the ladies on my moms side of the family. the two sides had never met before and i was beyond excited to introduce everyone.
 the shower was held at johns grandparents house in lexington, so several people drove more than an hour to come show me some love.
we had some incredible homemade food and out-of-this-world coffee punch.  have you ever had coffee punch??  seriously, i crave it every minute of every day. 
johns cousin, emily, has an absolutely beautiful daughter, zoe, who we were so happy made an appearance.  as a complete understatement, she was the cutest center of attention and all eyes were on this beaut.  

 look at this beautiful family i am almost officially a part of, in less than two months!  johns lovely cousins and myself with my sister. 
the wonderful hostesses with moi. johns grandmother and two aunts.  the one on the far right is johns moms sister.  
 my mother, johns grandmother, kentuckyblonde, aunt susie, aunt sharon.

overall, i left leaving there with a completely full heart and so much happiness and joy.  i simply cannot believe how god has blessed me in this wonderful life and i cannot wait to see what is in store of johns and i in the future. 



Arielle said...

such a cute blog! New follower! :))

Natasha said...

What a beautiful day!!! Such a special time for you sweetie-enjoy every moment! And I want that coffee punch recipe ;)

Lindsay said...

AWW gorgeous pics! Congrats girl! How many days till the big day?

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