showered with love

john and i just keep getting spoiled in this engagement journey and it is just so, so much fun!  

over the weekend, we had a wonderful "garden and outdoor entertaining" shower at my aunt's beautiful home with many of our best friends. 
this is alex, beau, and blaine.  
fun fact?
alex is awesome & his brother and my sister used to be lovebirds.
beau was my first friend EVER.   
blaine is katniss jennifer lawrence's brother.  
am i cool or what?

this is brian, johns brother, and kathy, my aunt!

their beautiful backyard and some candid shots.

hi rick!!

mi papa y stepmama.

jessie and taylor. 

some of the party crew. whoop whoop!

check. these. out!
jenny and courtney got us these AWESOME monogrammed corn hole boards!  AND in kentuckyblonde colors!  perfection!

a leaf blower?! YES!!!!  getting old is a funny thing.  getting pumped about leaf blower, hammocks, adirondack chairs, and watering cans.  just to name a few. but honestly, i'm the happiest girl with my newest belongings.

david, elizabeth, lynsey, and blaine. 

a better shot of the amazing boards.  i heard people in the north call the corn hole game "bags" ... what do you call them?

such beauties.  courtney, sam, and jenny.


what? an impromptu photo shoot? count us in. 

jenny's sexy face.
my maid of honor, the bride, and my matron of honor.

too much fun with a camera. it's times like this, they should be taken away.

i got a new garden apron {which i'm sporting in this picture} but i've realized it will also hold wine glasses and other important items.  john and i are here with the hostesses, tom and kathy.

we are so blessed and couldn't be happier to share this time with our best friends!  the wedding is closer to only TWO months away!  can you believe it?

what did you do this weekend?  XOXOXO


Kerr said...

Love the corn hole boards!

Kat said...

Love the corn hole boards! I'm from Vermont and it is true that we do call them "bags" but are slowly coming around to the fact that they are called corn hole.

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Super cute party. How are the wedding plans going?

A Simple Southern Life said...

The shower looks so nice! The corn hole boards are adorable!

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