that time i gave blood

after work yesterday, john told me he signed up to give blood at a blood drive and invited me to go.  i had never given blood before so i decided it would be a good thing to do.  i went.

i answered all the necessary questions and they pricked my finger. i thought the pricking of the finger was "giving blood" but apparently, i was wrong.

they put me on the table and began filling up the bag, which in my opinion, it was the same size of an Olympic pool, but no ryan lochte. i was nice and relaxed for the full time, which was either 10 minutes or 2 days, i can't really remember.

but when the man came to remove the needle, something happened.
he said, "how are you feeling?"


i said "not so well......"

my vision was blurred.
my body began sweating.
my eyes closed.
and i officially fainted. 
right there on the giving blood table.

i woke up to three red cross people fanning me, putting a box under my legs, cold rags on my neck, and a bucket "just in case" (which luckily i never had to use).  i begged for something to drink and downed my orange juice which was in a can the size of my pinky fingernail.

i had never been so scared but then i remembered it was for a good cause and all was right in the world. 

have you given blood? have you fainted? have you fainted during giving blood?

please tell me i'm not the only one! :)


According to Jax said...

The last time I gave blood I fainted right after....they woke me up and forced me to drink orange juice and peanut butter crackers...then after a few minutes I stood up and said "thanks, i'm fine now" and then i fainted again. Soooooo....atleast you didnt faint TWICE!! :)

Kerr said...

The one time I gave blood I fainted when it was over! Haven't done it since. I felt bad for the rest of the day.

Dreams Do Come True said...

I have never been able to give blood because I don't weigh enough and I am on medication for my heart...

Dreams Do Come True

Julie said...

Same thing for me. You are supposed to eat ALOT before you give blood. I had done it before and never fainted so I didn't think twice when I went one Saturday a.m. before I'd eaten breakfast. Bad news. I just remember being so covered in sweat and none of the OJ and crackers in the world would help. I had to wait there for like an hour. Haven't been back but think I will try it again when someone can go with me. Hope you are feeling better!

Ashley said...

true story....i once fainted giving blood too. i was in college....in our college ballroom the size of our stadium...in a circle of 8 other people giving blood....in a skirt. when i awoke. my chair was tilted so my head was on the ground....feet in the air....panties probably definitely showing and 8 other college students staring at me..and some nurse shoveling sprite down my throat which resulted in a slow drool dribble....mortified!

dont feel alone my little kentucky nugget....i'm a fainter too!

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