that time i realized i'm old.

do you remember that time when i was so proud of my new little garden when it looked like this?:

well i am so proud to show you the new and improved garden that with a little bit of love and a whole lot of water, my garden is now full, fresh, beautiful, and ready to harvest a plethora of herbs and such.

basil on the left, tomatoes on the right.

and since i'm a proud new garden lover, i simply will overload you on photographs from mi jardin. 

wittle baby cherry tomatoes.

my very own bell pepper!

petunias.  they spread. like wild fire.

so beautiful. i'd by lying if i said i didn't have three of them in vases around the house.

when john sometimes forgets to bring me flowers, i simply cut them off from the back yard.  


so purdy.

if you don't have a garden, i recommend you start one.


easy like sunday morning.


cosmos.  the second best cosmo out there. clearly, the drink wins. 

so my friends, do you have a garden??  is there something i should add to mine?  i'm slowly but surely learning a little more about the green thumb but i love it!



Kerr said...

I am.so impressed! I live in a condo so I just have a few herbs on the porch. I would love to have tomatoes!

Holly said...

it looks awesome! so lush and beautiful. my only tip to you is for the basil. if you want it to keep going and growing big leaves, you have to stop it from blooming. so dont let it flower by pinching those flower stemmy things off the top. it might be too far gone now since its established, but just for the future, whenever you see a flower, pinch it off! :)

bananas. said...

i must be old too because i am swooning...no DROOLING over your fabulous garden.

did someone say basil? when can i come over? or better yet do you do garden food deliveries? you should!

Fashion Meets Food said...

WOW! Congratulations on your garden! It looks amazing. xo

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