two month countdown!

wow. i really cannot believe we will be saying our "i do's" in two months exactly!
my monday morning began with waiting in line at the post office to send out our invitations!  162 invitations later and i'm so, so glad to have them out of the house.

i am beginning a new job {hopefully tomorrow!} so i was so thankful when my sister, nephew, and i took advantage of the limited mornings i have left and spent the morning on the boat. it was perfect.

our wedding band was playing at a local bar here on friday night so we gathered up our friends and ventured on to the dance floor. let's just say i was a little worried they would call and cancel on saturday after seeing my ridiculous dance moves. 

speaking of wedding bands.... john and i ordered our actual wedding bands, like the one that symbolizes our marriage. i had to send in my engagement ring to get the diamonds on the side to match perfectly and they gave me a loaner ring that is very close to mine but it's just not the same and i feel weird. 

and last but certainly not least...BACHELORETTE PARTY TIME!!  but not mine... yet!!  i was so excited to celebrate my cousin (the one in white, duh.) at her bachelorette party in cincinnati on saturday night. it was an amazing night that ended with an $86 bill at white castle.  what? you've never ordered 23 chicken ring sandwiches? rookie.

i had a blast meeting these new girls and getting to know them better.  it's weird how a stripper pole on a party bus can make strangers feel so comfortable.  ;)

here's to a wonderful monday and for the next two months to slow down because i love this engagement period!!  even though i CANNOT wait to be married. whoa, weird.



Nicole Marie said...

2 months is going to fly by!

i love boat days!

Katie said...

Ahh it's all so exciting! And a loner ring? I have never heard of that but hope you get yours back soon!

Blogger said...

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