wedding updates

hola mi amigas!  

wedding planning is in full force
as its a mere two months away!  TWO MONTHS?!

but i am loving every second of it and can't wait to call john mr. kentuckyblonde.


i've had a few questions and figured i'd try to answer some of them via mass blog post. 

yes, i am having a matron of honor and a maid of honor. to be quite honest, i haven't done the research of who will stand next to me, or who will fluff my dress the most, or which one is responsible for reapplying my lipstick throughout the night.
however, i do know my matron of honor will be next to me at the altar and my maid of honor will stand right next to her. my two sisters, jessie and sam, will be my matron and maid and i am incredibly blessed to have to make the tough decision of the duties of each one. if you find yourself in a tough situation like this, i'd say a nice rule of thumb is to go with the person you have known the longest to be closer to you. 

this is the church where we will say "i do" and between the meeting with them yesterday and the next one next tuesday, i could no be happier to know God is the reason for this marriage and to thank Him for the blessings he has placed in our lives. 

we are having our rehearsal dinner at morton's steakhouse and our meeting with them yesterday could not have gone any better.  its so funny to me to be deciding on linens and dimmers of lights and seating arrangements because i'm usually on the other side and just worried when the appropriate time to switch from vodka to wine is just right.

i have my second dress fitting today and i can't wait to show you all my zebra and pink wedding dress!!  hehe, i kid. i kid. but i can't share details because clearly mr. kentuckyblonde reads this occasionally.

so my friends, i hope this answered some questions. my most recent accomplishments have included:
ordering my garter, napkins, koozies
getting my envelopes addressed and stamped and stuffed
sending out the invites on monday
finalizing bridesmaids gifts
tasting the reception foods on sunday
ordering our wedding bands.

and a million more things.

wedding planning is fun but its definitely not for the indecisive, like me! 


any other wedding questions?! i'd love to answer anything! 

ps most photos via google.

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Chelsea Coleen said...

Mr. Kentucky Blonde. It really does have a great ring to it. J.K.B. yes. I know those initials! When the day comes for me to start planning my wedding I fear that I am going to be terribly indecisive too, but thank goodness for blogs and pinterest. That church looks beautiful and aren’t sisters great? My little sister will be my maid of honor, and besides the fact that she is the coolest person ever and I love her so much, it just one less decision to make, so much easier!

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