hostess gifts

this post began as a brainstorming session about potential hostess gifts. but the gift guide quickly turned into a *wish* list. maybe i should have a party just to be a hostess to receive one of these items?  anyone want me to host them a shower??
Linen Hand Towels
this first gift idea is a beautiful linen hand towel. since the host, or hostess, is entertaining, there's a good chance people will use the restroom. and instead of a crummy ole towel, why not lighten the place up with a 100% natural linen towel?
Linen Hand Towels
linen hand towels. here.  you can ever create your own customized message. for about 40 bucks, it's a great find.

Personalized Ring Holder- Custom Initials and Colors
i simply adore this. 
you can customize and personalize with your own initials and for a mere 20 bones, it's a must have!  add a bottle of wine and you're set! 

 industrial copper wine bottle holder
oh! what's that you said?! wine?!
industrial copper wine bottle holder
can i interest you in this INCREDIBLE industrial copper wine bottle holder, which could be found here. for about $160, this gift is a bit pricey so i hope the shower is out of this world! :) it really is beautiful.

AHeirloom's Kentucky State Cutting Board
and another personal {obvious} favorite? this oh-so-beautiful kentucky cutting board here. don't worry, they can probably want your state, but if it were up to me, i'd only allow the KENTUCKY ones to be created. 
you can take the girl outta kentucky but you can't take kentucky outta the girl. 

what are your host/hostess gift go-to's?


have a wonderful weekend! :)


wedding edition: shircliff

on september 22, my beautiful cousin and one of my besties got hitched to an incredible man.
kelly and adam are the cutest couple ever and i simply adore their adoration for each other. they are not only beautiful, but hilarious, caring, and both come from fantastic families. 

i was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and my little sister insisted i take this picture, i'm guessing because i resemble more of a grandmother than the dance-floor-tearin-up-beast that i was that night. 
SERIOUSLY? such an incredible bride.

CHEERS!  to the happy, happy couple!  

what's a wedding without the infamous photobooth pictures? gotta love 'em.  

that was my last time walking down the aisle before my final horrah.  23 days! ahhhh! :)



a bride of every kind

i thought finding a perfect white dress to fit the feel of each individual shower, luncheon, party, and celebration would be easy. then i came to find it is so much harder than i ever thought and realized i should have been keeping an eye out for white dresses i really love long, long before i ever even had a ring on it. what? shopping for engagement party outfits before having the husband in tow? oh please, there's nothing creepy about planning ahead and being prepared.

so i created a go-to look book for white dresses for every type of bride.


this marchesa lace gown with illusion neckline has a hefty price tag of $11,500.  i'm willing to bet if this isn't the actual wedding dress, then you (or your parents) are doing something extraordinarily perfect to have this type of dough. 

this tibi tess jacquard peplum dress is perfect for the bride that wants to be up to date with the fashion trends (ie: peplum) but still maintain that sweet innocence of bridal elegance.

there's something about this rachel pally dress that makes me want to go celebrate our upcoming nuptials and then be able to swan dive into bed without changing my clothes. the aurora maxi dress obviously also includes looking fresh and flawless the next morning. for a mere $238, this dress is my personal fave.

despite the (what i think) scary looking model, this alice + olivia dress is so, so much fun! the azala boatneck sequin flare dress is perfect for a new years eve wedding? or a classy but still out of control bachelorette party. 

if i could pull of this theia tuxedo style silk jumpsuit, with a price tag of $850, i can guarantee you i'd be sporting it for all of our showers, rehearsal, and perhaps my "travel outfit" to begin our honeymoon in style.

the ANTI WHITE bride
oh, so you're the bride that "doesn't want the attention" or you're too cool to wear penises in your hair for your bachelorette party?  well this sue wong embellished illusion back sheath dress is for you!  you will still look stunning with the glow of this j.lo skin colored beauty.

please. don't wear this bad cut out dress.  this is what you wear to find the man before finding your husband. if you have this in your closet, make this and your lifestyle something of the past and pick up the next cutout dress...

any bride wearing this gucci spring 2010 rtw white cutout dress is a winner in my book! white AND cutout is a tough one to pull off (insert major fail in first white cutout photo) but any bride able to sport this deserves one heck of a hubby!

it's no secret weddings cost a lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY. so it makes sense to save on items where you can. for example, this lulu's motown white dress for just $38 won't hurt your bank account and you'll still look pure and ready to walk down the aisle with mr. right.

the WINTER bride
remember the friends episode when phoebe got married outside? how incredible 
(err, more incredible-r?) 
would she look if she wore this st. johns batwing sleeve techno twill trench??  it's pure beauty.

i'd be lying if i said i didn't want these. the white simplicity of these christian louboutin heels with the touch of elegance and unexpected flair, my walk down the aisle would certainly resemble more of a "strut" if you will.

which is your favorite??



this is the last time i...

as the wedding is quickly approaching, i find myself saying "this is the last time i..." over every single thing that may or may not be relevant to celebrating.  for example, we were in the airport coming back from our california trip last week and i said, "this is the last time i will be in the airport with the initials JEH." and so on.  
and just in case you're wondering... yes, my fiance's last name starts with a W, so therefore i will be keeping my last name as my middle name so my initials will be JHW, not JEW. but that's not to say i don't love my jewish friends. i digress... 
so here are a couple things that may be the last time i experience them as jayme elizabeth.
this is {hopefully} the last time i watch my fiance reheat his taco bell using the iron in the hotel room as jeh.
this is {again, HOPEFULLY} the last time i witness three people {sitting at my table} eat grasshoppers.  
do people in san francisco really frequent such cuisine??

i hope this isn't the last time i am in a picture with this stud muffin as a miss because he's too cute to stay away from... i'm just sayin.

pier 14. you are one of the last pier's i will see as a single lady.

yup, this is THE FULL HOUSE HOUSE. it was on my top to-do list when we got to san francisco... i must go visit my good friend danny tanner. because after all, this will be my last time in san fran before becoming a mrs. 

views like this never get old.

whether it's the first or last time to see these sights, it's always refreshing. i could see myself living in san francisco. as a miss or a mrs.

this is my last time i will see the golden gate bridge before taking HIS last name.

these certainly are not like kentucky's rolling hills but it'll do.

is it weird i went to california and one of my favorite sights were these mailboxes all lined up?

and the fact we only had one afternoon to explore san fran and we decided to spend it on the other side of the golden gate bridge in muir woods at stinson beach.

and because one of the loves of my life, chelsea, loves shadow pictures, we attempted to take one for ourselves. unfortunately, i'm not as talented as stone's ladyfriend. 

can you believe i get to marry that sexy man? ow! ow!

this is the last time i will see my flips flops and his flip flops on the beach together before we tie the knot. the next time we see our flip flops on the beach will be on our honeymoon!  cha-ching!!

the love of my life.

this is the last time i will visit chinatown as a single lady. and probably afterwards also. is that bad? am i the only one that didn't love it?

quaint little town. how could nicole leave this town? okay, fine, i guess traveling abroad could be a valid excuse...
we ventured to this little pier because...

there were seals here!  they are absolutely hilarious and i'd be lying if i said i didn't ask john to get me a few to bring home.

and this my friends, concludes this post. this is the last time i post about seals until john becomes mr. kentuckyblonde. {probably}

what are some other "last things" i need to experience? 

time's a tickin'!!



gone girl & the chans

i feel the need to get y'all caught up on my outside life. outside meaning not {our} wedding related, or work related. 

i spent last week in san jose where i began and completed reading gone girl, by gillian flynn.  i'm so used to predictable books (i.e., 50 shades of everything) but this book was completely unpredictable and so so so amazing.  i could not stop. the best way to attempt to explain this book is:
do you love watching snapped? then read this!

quick cleaning tricks.
with all my focus on the wedding and work and not freaking out, my cleaning has taken a back seat (along with decorating for fall, girls nights, watching tv, etc etc etc) but, really, what are some quick cleaning tricks you use to keep your life/house somewhat reasonable? 5 minute kitchen timer? secret wipes? wear socks to "clean" the floor? spill 'em here!

two people fell in love...
and had the most precious little baby girl!

one of my best friends from forever got married last saturday and we were so happy to be a part of the festivities!  nina and vito celebrated their love for each other and tied the knot!  we partied and enjoyed ourself tremendously!
the wedding was beautiful with so much character.
we all went to grade school together.  i guess this little fact would be more interesting if you knew we only had about 30 students in our class. a-town stay-down.
and this is nina and vito's little baby girl, nora. 
have you EVER seen more INCREDIBLE hair in your life?  i love the little nugget!  

have you read gone girl?  what book should i read next??


invites, yes, i cried.

now that they are all sent out and replies are flowing back in, i decided it's a nice time to show y'all our rehearsal invitations that i absolutely died over and secretly cried when i opened the package.

i knew i wanted a nice letterpress invitation that felt relaxed but still beautiful and personalized at the same time. since our rehearsal dinner is being held at a steakhouse, i liked to picture these invitations in a tuxedo t-shirt because it says i want to be formal, but i'm here to party type of deal.  can you name that reference?

so when i saw these on etsy.com, specifically here, i knew it was love. and then when i emailed elecia and we began our work together, it was even more than a dream come true.  she was incredible, quick, intuitive, unbelievably talented, and truly wanted to make sure i was happy!

the first thing i knew that needed to be changed though were the adirondack chairs.  they're lovely, but definitely not for a fall kentucky steakhouse type of rehearsal.  

we've always had J <3 a="a" and="and" best.="best." chose="chose" examples="examples" exception.="exception." font="font" gave="gave" has="has" i="i" j="j" loved="loved" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" no="no" our="our" rehearsal="rehearsal" relationship="relationship" several="several" she="she" the="the" theme="theme" throughout="throughout" wedding="wedding" were="were" what="what">
what? you think i'm crazy for blurring out certain parts? well hellllllo! i had to. :)
we don't want any rehearsal crashers.

and i basically fell off my chair when i held the envelopes in my hand.  it would have made sense to go with a regular color envelope but i said NOPE!  i'm not a *regular* type of girl, i'm a *cool* girl.. (can you site that reference??) so i chose a super preppy kelly green envelope to complement the navy blue writing.  and i also knew i had to include the j<3j and="and" because="because" cheesy="cheesy" cute="cute" doesn="doesn" envelope="envelope" it="it" love="love" on="on" s="s" strike="strike" super="super" t="t" that="that" the="the" us="us" who="who">i hope you're picking up on the touch of sarcasm.

but all jokes and sarcasm aside, i am completely, utterly, oddly, and fully obsessed with these rehearsal invitations.  

what do you think??

can you believe it's close to ONE month away?!  ahhh!
john: i hope you're ready to become mr. kentuckyblonde.  it is a lot of responsibility!


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