gone girl & the chans

i feel the need to get y'all caught up on my outside life. outside meaning not {our} wedding related, or work related. 

i spent last week in san jose where i began and completed reading gone girl, by gillian flynn.  i'm so used to predictable books (i.e., 50 shades of everything) but this book was completely unpredictable and so so so amazing.  i could not stop. the best way to attempt to explain this book is:
do you love watching snapped? then read this!

quick cleaning tricks.
with all my focus on the wedding and work and not freaking out, my cleaning has taken a back seat (along with decorating for fall, girls nights, watching tv, etc etc etc) but, really, what are some quick cleaning tricks you use to keep your life/house somewhat reasonable? 5 minute kitchen timer? secret wipes? wear socks to "clean" the floor? spill 'em here!

two people fell in love...
and had the most precious little baby girl!

one of my best friends from forever got married last saturday and we were so happy to be a part of the festivities!  nina and vito celebrated their love for each other and tied the knot!  we partied and enjoyed ourself tremendously!
the wedding was beautiful with so much character.
we all went to grade school together.  i guess this little fact would be more interesting if you knew we only had about 30 students in our class. a-town stay-down.
and this is nina and vito's little baby girl, nora. 
have you EVER seen more INCREDIBLE hair in your life?  i love the little nugget!  

have you read gone girl?  what book should i read next??


Soph said...

Such a sweet post! I love Nina, she's adorable. And the wedding sounds fun. Tell your friend congratulations! :)And thanks for the book suggestions! I love discovering new books that are so good.

Chelsea Coleen said...

OK YES. !!!!

I finished Gone Girl about a week or so ago, and yes. It was SO wild and SO unpredictable. (and i love Snapped) Have you read the other two books the author has written? Dark Places and Sharp Objects. http://gillian-flynn.com/

I loved both of them!!! She needs to write a new book! So, I just bought Defending Jacob by William Landay:


– basically it’s about this district attorney whose 14 year old son is charged with the murder of one of his classmates. And girl it’s so good! so mysterious and I think it’s a good book to read if you liked Gone Girl. I am about 3/4ths of the way through it and love it!

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