hostess gifts

this post began as a brainstorming session about potential hostess gifts. but the gift guide quickly turned into a *wish* list. maybe i should have a party just to be a hostess to receive one of these items?  anyone want me to host them a shower??
Linen Hand Towels
this first gift idea is a beautiful linen hand towel. since the host, or hostess, is entertaining, there's a good chance people will use the restroom. and instead of a crummy ole towel, why not lighten the place up with a 100% natural linen towel?
Linen Hand Towels
linen hand towels. here.  you can ever create your own customized message. for about 40 bucks, it's a great find.

Personalized Ring Holder- Custom Initials and Colors
i simply adore this. 
you can customize and personalize with your own initials and for a mere 20 bones, it's a must have!  add a bottle of wine and you're set! 

 industrial copper wine bottle holder
oh! what's that you said?! wine?!
industrial copper wine bottle holder
can i interest you in this INCREDIBLE industrial copper wine bottle holder, which could be found here. for about $160, this gift is a bit pricey so i hope the shower is out of this world! :) it really is beautiful.

AHeirloom's Kentucky State Cutting Board
and another personal {obvious} favorite? this oh-so-beautiful kentucky cutting board here. don't worry, they can probably want your state, but if it were up to me, i'd only allow the KENTUCKY ones to be created. 
you can take the girl outta kentucky but you can't take kentucky outta the girl. 

what are your host/hostess gift go-to's?


have a wonderful weekend! :)


Kylie Cooper said...

My go to hostess gifts are definitely wine and sometimes a candle. If I know them well, something that I know will match their decor at home. I need to step my game up!

Jenny B said...

I. Want. That. Cutting Board. NOW!

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