invites, yes, i cried.

now that they are all sent out and replies are flowing back in, i decided it's a nice time to show y'all our rehearsal invitations that i absolutely died over and secretly cried when i opened the package.

i knew i wanted a nice letterpress invitation that felt relaxed but still beautiful and personalized at the same time. since our rehearsal dinner is being held at a steakhouse, i liked to picture these invitations in a tuxedo t-shirt because it says i want to be formal, but i'm here to party type of deal.  can you name that reference?

so when i saw these on etsy.com, specifically here, i knew it was love. and then when i emailed elecia and we began our work together, it was even more than a dream come true.  she was incredible, quick, intuitive, unbelievably talented, and truly wanted to make sure i was happy!

the first thing i knew that needed to be changed though were the adirondack chairs.  they're lovely, but definitely not for a fall kentucky steakhouse type of rehearsal.  

we've always had J <3 a="a" and="and" best.="best." chose="chose" examples="examples" exception.="exception." font="font" gave="gave" has="has" i="i" j="j" loved="loved" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" no="no" our="our" rehearsal="rehearsal" relationship="relationship" several="several" she="she" the="the" theme="theme" throughout="throughout" wedding="wedding" were="were" what="what">
what? you think i'm crazy for blurring out certain parts? well hellllllo! i had to. :)
we don't want any rehearsal crashers.

and i basically fell off my chair when i held the envelopes in my hand.  it would have made sense to go with a regular color envelope but i said NOPE!  i'm not a *regular* type of girl, i'm a *cool* girl.. (can you site that reference??) so i chose a super preppy kelly green envelope to complement the navy blue writing.  and i also knew i had to include the j<3j and="and" because="because" cheesy="cheesy" cute="cute" doesn="doesn" envelope="envelope" it="it" love="love" on="on" s="s" strike="strike" super="super" t="t" that="that" the="the" us="us" who="who">i hope you're picking up on the touch of sarcasm.

but all jokes and sarcasm aside, i am completely, utterly, oddly, and fully obsessed with these rehearsal invitations.  

what do you think??

can you believe it's close to ONE month away?!  ahhh!
john: i hope you're ready to become mr. kentuckyblonde.  it is a lot of responsibility!



Hannah said...

You nailed it!! Love everything about them :)

Kylie Cooper said...

Seriously adorable! Beautiful with a touch of personal flair.

Lindsay said...

I am so excited for you all. ITS HAPPENING!:)

cat said...

1st reference: said by Hal in Taladega nights!!
2nd reference: said by Regina George's mom in mean Girls!!!

I knew my useless knowledge would come in handy!

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