this is the last time i...

as the wedding is quickly approaching, i find myself saying "this is the last time i..." over every single thing that may or may not be relevant to celebrating.  for example, we were in the airport coming back from our california trip last week and i said, "this is the last time i will be in the airport with the initials JEH." and so on.  
and just in case you're wondering... yes, my fiance's last name starts with a W, so therefore i will be keeping my last name as my middle name so my initials will be JHW, not JEW. but that's not to say i don't love my jewish friends. i digress... 
so here are a couple things that may be the last time i experience them as jayme elizabeth.
this is {hopefully} the last time i watch my fiance reheat his taco bell using the iron in the hotel room as jeh.
this is {again, HOPEFULLY} the last time i witness three people {sitting at my table} eat grasshoppers.  
do people in san francisco really frequent such cuisine??

i hope this isn't the last time i am in a picture with this stud muffin as a miss because he's too cute to stay away from... i'm just sayin.

pier 14. you are one of the last pier's i will see as a single lady.

yup, this is THE FULL HOUSE HOUSE. it was on my top to-do list when we got to san francisco... i must go visit my good friend danny tanner. because after all, this will be my last time in san fran before becoming a mrs. 

views like this never get old.

whether it's the first or last time to see these sights, it's always refreshing. i could see myself living in san francisco. as a miss or a mrs.

this is my last time i will see the golden gate bridge before taking HIS last name.

these certainly are not like kentucky's rolling hills but it'll do.

is it weird i went to california and one of my favorite sights were these mailboxes all lined up?

and the fact we only had one afternoon to explore san fran and we decided to spend it on the other side of the golden gate bridge in muir woods at stinson beach.

and because one of the loves of my life, chelsea, loves shadow pictures, we attempted to take one for ourselves. unfortunately, i'm not as talented as stone's ladyfriend. 

can you believe i get to marry that sexy man? ow! ow!

this is the last time i will see my flips flops and his flip flops on the beach together before we tie the knot. the next time we see our flip flops on the beach will be on our honeymoon!  cha-ching!!

the love of my life.

this is the last time i will visit chinatown as a single lady. and probably afterwards also. is that bad? am i the only one that didn't love it?

quaint little town. how could nicole leave this town? okay, fine, i guess traveling abroad could be a valid excuse...
we ventured to this little pier because...

there were seals here!  they are absolutely hilarious and i'd be lying if i said i didn't ask john to get me a few to bring home.

and this my friends, concludes this post. this is the last time i post about seals until john becomes mr. kentuckyblonde. {probably}

what are some other "last things" i need to experience? 

time's a tickin'!!



Wittschen's said...

I've never commented on here before but...
I have to about your initials. We have similar names, my name is Jayne Elizabeth. And when I Got married I also became a "JEW". My last name starts w a W. I kept my middle name bc my maiden name is too long and wordy with my married name. Just thought this was funny and crazy that our names are so similar! Congrats on your engagement! Look forward to reading all bout you getting married, love your blog BTW.

Kerr said...

Last time cheering on the cats as a single lady?
The iron and taco bell is hilarious!

Ashley said...

i'm fairly certain a visit to Dash and I is a "must" before you tie the knot...

and on a totally different subject. warming up taco bell on an iron?! OMG - those skills would hook any woman!

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