wedding edition: shircliff

on september 22, my beautiful cousin and one of my besties got hitched to an incredible man.
kelly and adam are the cutest couple ever and i simply adore their adoration for each other. they are not only beautiful, but hilarious, caring, and both come from fantastic families. 

i was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and my little sister insisted i take this picture, i'm guessing because i resemble more of a grandmother than the dance-floor-tearin-up-beast that i was that night. 
SERIOUSLY? such an incredible bride.

CHEERS!  to the happy, happy couple!  

what's a wedding without the infamous photobooth pictures? gotta love 'em.  

that was my last time walking down the aisle before my final horrah.  23 days! ahhhh! :)


1 comment:

Ashley said...

does KY have engagement rings in the water?! I'm moving there tomorrow.

PS...love the dress!

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