you've been warned.

let this be a warning my friends. i am posting several items that could definitely be used as some type of black mail in the future but you know what? every girl deserves a bachelorette party with some embarrassing photos and these my friends, are my embarrassing photos representing an absolutely perfect weekend. 

we kicked off the weekend with a wonderful dinner at my moms house and a sweet little lingerie shower for yours truly. 

my sister and mom decorated the place perfectly with added elements like quotes from an incredibly intelligent young woman (me) and other bits and pieces from this blog.

whoaaa gifts galore. i've never seen so many victoria's secret bags and i couldn't have been happier that they were allll for me.  i know, i'm selfish.

:) read it & weep.

its the only piece i'm going to show you from the lingerie shower. because it's not lingerie, it's a bathing suit. a perfectly beautiful ruffled betsey johnson blue suit that will be the perfect addition to the honeymoon necessities.  

the whole crew from friday night. am i blessed or what with all these beauties who i call my best friends??

and now we leave louisville to head to nashville...

here at the honky tonk in nashville to begin the day early.

thats us! up top! hiiii!

this dude on the sidewalk made this for us. jayme <3 john.="john." nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
the gals all dolled up and ready to hit the town!

back story:
do you see the blow up man behind us? his name is randy and he is known to make appearances at all of our bachelorette parties so it was destined he make the journey to nashville.  
remember randy because he will make another appearance later in this post...

pedal tavern. umm, count me in!  the pedal tavern is like a beer bar on wheels where you pedal like a bike around nashville and get schawasted. genius idea.

randy. i am incredibly sad to say randy did not survive this bachelorette party.  here i was trying to revive him but unfortunately it did not work.

and sometimes i have a hard time letting things go. like randy. 

but my mom was stoked to put an end to our friend, randy. 
rest in peace, big guy. you were a true friend and we had some incredible times with you. 
until next time.

all in all, i love bachelorette weekends. i could do that every other weekend of my life. because clearly i still need some john weekends. 

and now i'm happy to announce i'm in san jose, california to spend the week with my soon to be husband. any recommendations of things to do here? i'm all ears.



Courtney said...

I had a Randy at my bachelorette party, too! But we named him Juicy Joe (a la Real Housewives) and dressed him up in some Victoria's Secret! I hope your weekend was wonderful...bachelorette parties are the best.

Lindsay said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! You will FOREVER remember this weekend! THAT makes it worth every moment xo

A Simple Southern Life said...

haha love the pictures! Looks like a great time!

Rachel said...

Glad y'all had fun in Nashy! Looks like an awesome party! :)

Ashley said...

Can I come to your wedding? And bring Randy as my date? I will bring an air pump in case he springs a leak b/c...that could be awkward.

And could I wear your boots? Because I've been dying for some just like them!

If I think of any other creepy requests I'll be sure to pass them along.

PS - that Betsy Johnson suit? HOTT (two t's...oh yeahhhhhh)

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