meet my maids: alex

in preparation for the upcoming wedding, i want each of you readers to get to know my bridesmaids outside of the quick one liners i occasionally include in my posts so please, join me on the journey of 
meeting my maids. 

i gave each of my maids a list of questions to answer.  my words, in black.  my maids words, in blue

alex is a scorpio.

When/where/how did you and Jayme meet? 
I met Jayme at Anchorage School when we were in Kindergarten... We were not finally on the same side of the building until 4th grade (which back then meant that the grand canyon may as well have been separating us!) but became best buds as soon as the geography worked out:)

What is your greatest memory of Jayme? 
It is a toss up between our dance in the chicken suits, sweet sue and the syncopators and our first hanson concert;) haha... there are too many. Maybe it was calling "Kermit" and asking if Ms. Piggy was home or possibly burning kraft mac and cheese. Or maybe our first beer we ever drank... we split it and swore we were drunk:)
and of course the J.E.L.L.O...

When did you know Jayme and John would be together forever? 
Like a moth to a flame... It was pretty obvious early on. Whether I had nudged or not, they would have ended up together no matter what. I think I knew when they first went on their first real date. Once {youknowwho} was out of the picture... I think I just knew that was it:)
What are you most excited about in regards to the wedding? 
The food... hehe, I kid I kid. I can't wait for that moment when Jayme is all dressed and ready to go. That is such a special moment. I also can't wait to see John's face when he sees her and more importantly, I cannot wait to see how they look at each other:)

If you could change one thing about their wedding planning thus far, what would it be? 
Hmm, It seems like it has gone pretty well but I know that there is some stress involved when any wedding is planned. Therefore, I would wish that they were not stressed at all when planning.
obvious favorite photo. :) sums us up well.

What advice do you have for the almost-newlyweds?? 
Just remember how much you love each other. 
Talk to each other, 
support each other, 
trust other and 
compromise with each other. 
Always kiss goodnight. 
Never stop doing the little things to make the other person feel special. 
Take a minute to calm down in the heat of the moment before you say something you might regret because you don't really mean it. 
Laugh a lot.

al, i love you long time and thank you for always being there for me! thank you for the wonderful advice and you are the greatest and thank you for coming to 239487 of my dress fittings and watching the lacing videos on a daily basis.  :) love you



AJ Deal said...

Love you J!! Can't wait for next weekend:)

AJ Deal said...

Love you J!! Can't wait for next weekend:)

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