meet my maids: catherine

in preparation for the upcoming wedding, i want each of you readers to get to know my bridesmaids outside of the quick one liners i occasionally include in my posts so please, join me on the journey of 
meeting my maids. 

i gave each of my maids a list of questions to answer.  my words, in black.  my maids words, in blue

today's maid:

cat is a cancer, with a birthday every day on july 21.
When/where/how did you and Jayme meet?
 It was friendship at first sight! 
I been knowin Jayme since birth! Our dad’s went to college together so we were destined to be friends before we ever actually met. I imagine our first meeting went something like our moms put us on the same blanket to “hang out” and we were like cool you can’t lift your head either? Lets be friends (all said in subliminal baby messaging) 

What is your greatest memory of Jayme? 
SOOO many that’s it’s hard to chose! 
Maybe when we would go to My Favorite Muffin after church and 
she would take me to the bathroom like she was my mom. 
I was shy and she was anything but! 
She took me under her wing and I knew she’d always have my back.

{they are now husband and wife. i set them up. i'm tight like that.}

When did you know Jayme and John would be together forever?
When Curt and I went to hang out with them after they had just moved in together and I saw not only how happy she was, but how comfortable she was being herself. Seeing John look at her it was obvious that he loved her for exactly the amazing person she is!

What are you most excited about in regards to the wedding? 
Seeing Jayme’s face when Randy makes a surprise appearance! 
Just Kidding! 
Seeing Jayme in her dress!
{YUP! that me, on the left and cat, obvi on the right, just as wee besties. }

If you could change one thing about their wedding planning thus far, what would it be? 
That I was able to help more!

What advice do you have for the almost-newlyweds?? 
To focus on each other during the wedding events. 
Everyone always says to slow down and try to take it all in,
 but the best part of the day is the time 
you and John will spend together being excited 
and in love in the moment! 
Don’t feel like you have to say hi to everyone,
 just take time to be with John!

i LOVE LOVE you cat! thanks for always being my bestie!  


happy friday, friends :)

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