meet my maids: jessie, the matron

in preparation for the upcoming wedding, i want each of you readers to get to know my bridesmaids outside of the quick one liners i occasionally include in my posts so please, join me on the journey of 
meeting my maids. 

i gave each of my maids a list of questions to answer.  my words, in black.  my maids words, in blue


jessie is my matron of honor and my sister and my best friend and my other me and my not-twin and my decision maker and my other half, except my other half is john so i really don't even exist. weird. 
When/where/how did you and Jayme meet?
You were birthed into my life.

What is your greatest memory of Jayme?
All of our travels and hanging at our houses. 

{i spy a real life disposable camera.}

When did you know Jayme and John would be together forever?
When Jayme and I were at Dover House Antiques and she told me if they started dating, then they would end up together forever.

that's our dad. 

What are you most excited about in regards to the wedding?
I am most excited about the wedding weekend as a whole!  All of the families coming together, the parties, and celebrations all in the name of The Wurts!  
awesome, awesome picture. note jessies hair, john's face, and colton's will to escape. 

If you could change one thing about their wedding planning thus far, what would it be?
 I would change the people invited to the honeymoon, 
and have it include all of the bridesmaids.

What advice do you have for the almost-newlyweds??
My advice to the newlyweds is to keep your sense of humors, 
and to not take life too seriously!  
Remember your vows daily, 
for they are important words to live by. 
Enjoy having a sleepover every night with your best friend, 
that is what marriage is all about!

thanks jess! i love you!


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Ashley said...

Such sweet advice to enjoy always a sleepover with your best friend! I love that!

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