meet my maids: kelly

in preparation for the upcoming wedding, i want each of you readers to get to know my bridesmaids outside of the quick one liners i occasionally include in my posts so please, join me on the journey of 
meeting my maids. 

i gave each of my maids a list of questions to answer.  my words, in black.  my maids words, in blue


kelly is a leo and fun fact: she just got hitched on september 22. :)

when/where/how did you and jayme meet?
Junior year, Ballard.. It's been so long ago  :)
{ballard high school}

what is your greatest memory of jayme?
This is a toughy!!! There are so many... 
From the high school days to uk tailgating and keeneland trips 
to the days in NKY all the way to now!! 
I'd say my greatest memory is when we spent the whole weekend a couple years ago in bed at your moms and uncle Ricks and didn't go anywhere and were antisocial. 
It was so much fun just hanging the whole wkd together!! ha :) 

When did you know Jayme and John would be together forever?
When I came to see your house and John had let you make the second bedroom your closet!

What are you most excited about in regards to the wedding?
I'm excited to spend the day on Saturday getting ready with you and all the girls!!.. And to see you in your dress!!!

If you could change one thing about their wedding planning thus far, what would it be?
 Umm I would've changed the date of the bachelorette party in Nashville so I could've come :)

{somtimes you just have to embrace a little gangster lean}

What advice do you have for the almost-newlyweds??
 One advice tip we got from Adams uncle... Always sleep naked!! Haha 

best. advice. ever.

love you kelly!  can't wait to CELEBRATE! :)

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