meet my maids: lauren

in preparation for the upcoming wedding, i want each of you readers to get to know my bridesmaids outside of the quick one liners i occasionally include in my posts so please, join me on the journey of 
meeting my maids. 

i gave each of my maids a list of questions to answer.  my words, in black.  my maids words, in blue. 

first up is.. {drum roll please}


lauren is a gemini. 
when/where/how did you and jayme meet?
Fall of 2009, we began our journey as MBA students at Bellarmine University.  As fate would have it, on the first day, we were both assigned to the same team.  We comprised half of the infamous Team Dandy, and became extremely close in the following years, both inside and outside the classroom.  Now I consider Jayme one of my best friends!

{this is the itty bitty room we shared for two weeks in paris. it's a wonderful thing we love each other!}

what is your greatest memory of jayme?
Drinking wine, eating caprese salad and (hot) French onion soup 
at an outdoor cafĂ© in Paris.
Spending my wedding day with Jayme who was 
(as always) extremely supportive and fun the whole day

when did you know jayme and john would be together forever?
One day in class, Jayme was glowing, talking about this new guy she met.  
When she said she could see herself marrying him already, 
I knew he was the real deal and this marriage was destined to be!

do you have a favorite photo of you and jayme?
the photo above. in paris. 

{oh, did i forget to mention we didn't have a hair dryer OR straightener for the two weeks we spent in paris?}

what are you most excited about in regards to the wedding?
The awesome party of a reception that will ensue after the nuptials.
Spending the morning/afternoon getting ready 
with the bride and her girls.  
It’s such a fun and important part of the big day that 
she will remember for the rest of her life.

if you could change on thing about their wedding planning thus far, what would it be?
Nada – it’s been such a fun experience so far and I know October 20th will be perfect!

what advice do you have for the almost-newlyweds??
For the wedding day – 
the day will go by SO fast, so consciously take the time to remember certain moments.

For the marriage – 
any time you’re in an argument, 
think about how blessed, happy, excited, and in love 
you feel on your wedding day.  
Think about the feeling you had the moment 
you first saw him/her at the end of the aisle.  
Then you will remember that what’s truly important 
is how much you love each other!

you are definitely the most valuable outcome of my MBA and i am so excited to share our wedding day with you, as i was fortunate enough to share in your big day too.  
love you!!

meet my maids posts are published in the order of returned questions. ;)


Lauren Hellmann said...


PS. I totally forgot how small of room in Paris was! Shesh! And I love how we pushed the beds together. Snuggle time!

Kelly said...

This is such a sweet post!! Loved getting to know your girl!

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