bridal luncheon

the day before the big wedding day, these four beautiful ladies hosted a perfect bridal luncheon for yours truly, some of the ladies in my family and john's family too, and my bridesmaids. 
the lovely hostesses and moi.
mint julep cups with flowers? umm, pure perfection!
and a full bar for mimosas and bloody marys.  i had both.

my blushing bridesmaids. 
jenny, alex, cat, moi, jessie, sam, kelly, lauren.
i think it's safe to say i have some HOT friends!

this is my mama, me, johns grandmother, and johns two aunts - sharon and susie. aren't they absolutely precious?? sharon is john's moms sister, and susie is married to john's moms brother.

my bestie, cat. want to know some juicy gossip on cat???  SHE'S PREGGGGERS!!!!  more info on that coming soon!!  :) :) :)  

you-know-who-i-am-by-now, jessie, mi madre, and my grandmother (nanoo), the ever so talented beverly erschell. 
PS - please go check out this web site, and click on the picture of the baseball field painting and read all about my INCREDIBLE grandmother here!!

i am SO excited to begin sharing our wedding photos (they're here! they're here!!) and our honeymoon photos and...
 now that i'm an experienced old, married woman, i can't wait to share my regrets, and thoughts from looking back on the wedding planning process for all you upcoming brides!!


did you remember to go here and read about my nanoo??


Alexa said...
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Alexa said...

What a beautiful luncheon! Your fab hostesses truly thought of everything! :) Can't wait to read your wedding posts! I got married in May this year and it was so fun to relive it writing my recap posts.

Southern Living, Our Way ~ www.alexaandglenn.blogspot.com

Rachel said...

Beautiful! So many pretty ladies!
Mimosas and bloody marys! YUM
Can't wait to see some pictures!! :)

Courtney @ line up and wait said...

What a gorgeous bridal luncheon! The details are such a wonderful touch to what looks like a special afternoon.

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