fridays photos

what's better than a crazy photo dump on a friday?
check out our new mail box!!  our mail is so much prettier and bills are so much more fun to pay when you get to use this pottery barn mail box.  i really so love it.
i'm the first to admit i have the absolute most boring hair in the entire world. but i invested ($2) in "the perfect bun" gadget from walgreens and this is a picture of my hur at work!  do you love?

and i attempted a hair bun bow. secretly, i like it a lot.

aye aye! my precious nephew, colton.

love those two boys more than anything.

the sunday after thanksgiving, we go to churchill downs for the afternoon and this year was no exception.  

and lucky for us, john's dad had a horse running in the 7th race so we were allowed to go to the paddock (vip only) and see the horses before the race. i love the track.

the BEST buffalo chicken dip in the ENTIRE world. seriously.
if you feel like you need to make more friends, make THIS recipe here and you will be invited to every type of event for the rest of your life. 

opie. my brother in law's pup. the prettiest sharpei in the entire world. and those wrinkles? ugh, i die.
say hello to our pistachio kitchen aid mixer and our rabbit electronic wine bottle opener.  they're our newest additions to the kitchen and we LOVE them. secretly, i haven't even used the kitchenaid mixer yet but i promise, it'll happen soon!  

have a WONDERFUL weekend!!  



Brooke said...

Are you kidding me? That is the most adorable bun I love it - AND I also love your bow hair. You are so cute!

Kerr said...

I need to find that bun tool! So jealous of your day of racing after thsnksgiving.
Sorry to hear about your pup too, it is so sad to say goodbye.

According to Jax said...

I registered for the pistachio color too! It was a hard decision between that color and their soft yellow. :)

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