honeymoon: part uno

i will preface with this: this is one of the hardest posts i've ever written because i miss this place like crazy!  if you are looking for a honeymoon spot or a nice getaway or anything at all, please PLEASE check this place out because it's perfect!
we stayed at the excellence resort at playa mujeres, which is about 40 minutes north of cancun. it's an all inclusive and absolutely incredible. the views, the staff, the food, the liquor, the sun, the beach, the people, the rooms, the air, literally, everything.

and this is our second floor. because yes, every room needs two stories. and our own private pool.

let me clarify: our first floor had an incredible bathroom, closet, bed, bath, shower, balcony, outside bed, and a FULL bar. 

our UPSTAIRS had TWO beds and OUR OWN PRIVATE POOL.  i repeat: POOL. JUST OURS. we didn't even need to see another single soul for the week if we didn't want to.  but of course we wanted to because i'm a people person. can't help it. 

and this, my friends, this is our view. no, this photo wasn't photoshopped, or stolen from a famous photographer, this is our photo.

husband and wife. whoa.
and just because i think they are hilarious, i included photos of just one of us at a time. because that's what honeymooners do, they take pictures of each other.

until an innocent bystander ever so graciously offers to take one of those of you together!  craziness.

i will go into more of this later (as in a whole post!) but our friends we made, they LIVE IN LOUISVILLE too!!!  and we had dinner with them last friday. and we LOVE them. and we're besties now. and we met in an elevator in mexico! so so so crazy!

my husband. the martini bar. happy wife.
my view for the week.
his view for the week.
i win.
yup, a BED on the BEACH. 
i'm now depressed because i'm not there. not even close.

we wouldn't be honeymooners if we:
1. didn't take photos of each of us individually
2. didn't take pictures of our rings.
we're officially honeymooners.

please. please bring me back!

 i love it when my sheer canopy blows in the mexican wind whilst i lounge on my beach bed whilst alejandro retrieves my 4th mango daiquiri before noon.

this is one of my favorite stories from the trip:

john was relaxing by the pool one of the days, 
playing games on the ipad, and our favorite person ever, 
alejandro, came mexican-speed-walking up to him, 
didn't say a single word, 
and pushed his head forward to slip a rolled up towel behind his head. 
he then proceeded to push john's forehead back so 
he wouldn't have to waste energy by holding his own head up with his neck,
and then mexican-sped-walked back to the bar to fetch our tequila shots. 

in. love. 
and this is what we came back to each night.

pure bliss. 


Rachel said...

I almost cried looking at these because it made me miss my honeymoon so badly!
That's pathetic.
I love that y'all made friends! We went into the trip with intentions of making some, but never did.
Looks like a fabulous trip!

Kerr said...

Um.this looks absolutely incredible! I am writing down the name of the resort so I can remember if I get to take a vacay anytime soon!

Table4One said...

This looks ah-mazing! So glad y'all had a great time! Did you sneak Alejandro back in your carry on? He seems great to have around the house fetching tequila shots and all haha!

Ashley said...

clearly i'm now depressed because i'm not there either. you now how much i heart the beach. AND i must say, i'm a little jealous your new BFF's live in Louisville and not ATL....as long as they don't replace me and Dash in your hearts, I guess it's ok :)

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