honeymoon: trip in a trip

mr. kentuckyblonde was getting a wee bit antsy at the thought of staying at the resort for seven consecutive days so i agreed to venture out of gates of paradise to ease his need.
we took a cab and a ferry over to isla de mujeres, just across the water a little bit, rented a golf cart and spent the day snorkeling and cruising around the island, enjoying the incredible scenery.
it was absolutely beautiful.
i'd be lying if we didn't look up real estate there a few nights ago when we were reminiscing on the honeymoon.
my mister. 

the ever-so-necessary long arm picture. 

i loved this little hole in the greenery for amazing pictures of the water. 

real life.
contrary to this picture, i actually did most of the driving. because honestly, i'm the better driver. 
true or false: you think this is real?
if you said, true, you were right. hard to believe, but that, my friends, exists.

........the second trip in a trip.......
we ventured to a place called "xplor" which was a little more than an hour away from our resort. it was in playa del carmen and when i saw john's eye light up like a little boy on christmas morning, i knew i made the right decision for swapping a(nother) day with alejandro, tequila shots, and the beach bed.
there were 14 zip line courses. which thisgirl only freaked out on one of them! it was so high and scary! 
and we did a "river swim" and rafting through these caves. it was pretty awesome, except the water was FREEEZING so that wasn't awesome.
one of the zip lining courses ended inside of this cave. pretty sweet, eh?
see, i'm the better driver!! look at that high water inside a cave! AWESOOOOOME!!!

weeeeeeee!!! look ma!! no hands!!!

FIST PUMP!!  ow ow!!  we're crazy.
awww, but you can never have too much fun to skip out on a little kiss every now and then.

so my friends, i hope you have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving and stuff yourself silly!  enjoy family time and 

when in doubt, 
pour yourself another drink. :)



Katie said...

Wow that looks like so much fun! So beautiful too!

Lindsay said...

What a gorgeous trip! I hope you two enjoyed every moment!! Xoxo

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