my heavy heart...

today i ask you to keep our beloved dexter and my family in your prayers.

my heart is so heavy today and my eyes full of tears as my sister and brother in law have made the decision to put dexter down today. 
for 10 years, dexter has been an absolute best friend to all of us.   
he would watch tv with us, 

play in the snow,

and snuggle in bed too.  

my heart breaks to think of the days when dex won't be waiting for someone to throw the ball with him,  
or watch him sit on the driveway for hours and hours. 

he's so beautiful.

and never afraid to get dirty. 

he's the best oreo for halloween i've ever seen, 

and he makes my heart full.

dex, i love you so much big guy. 
you will certainly be missed.
thanks for being the best big brother to colton.

i love you. 
rest in peace. 


Natasha said...

i am so sorry friend!!! keeping yall in my prayers

Jessie said...

Jayme, I love this post. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I love the pictures and the memories. He was the best ever. Damn I miss him Love you, Jess

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