the journey of this blonde in this blog

maybe its the process of changing my last name,
maybe its the thought of being someones "wife" but
either way, i'm in awe of how my life has changed and
how blessed i am to have this blog to document everything.
i began this blog as a skinny, young, single, kentucky blonde
and basically not a clue as to how to post a clear picture.
i would dream of decorating my new home 
and have a bottomless bank account to help.
i'll admit, i struggled with the voice for awhile. 

i even documented some not-so-great times 
and included a failed relationship in the mix too.
is it rude to say its the best failed relationship
in the entire world?

i began to find my "crafty" side while you all rode along in shotgun to see my successes and failures, which at times were more failures.

but the most important part of everything, 
is when i introduced this guy to blog world. 
and this kentuckyblonde went from 
single to
in a relationship to 
and how incredibly blessed i am to have my blogworld friends to share in this happiness.
and now, i never thought in a million years when i 
began this small piece of internet space,
that i would become 
mrs. kentuckyblonde

but i owe much of it to you.
yup, you!
for watching me begin as a single gal,
attempt a stupid relationship,
watch myself pick myself up and 
learn how a real man should treat a girl.

and in walked john. 
thank you for listening to me be gay and cheesy.
to allow me to ramble about how this guy accepted
my crazy personality and my obsessive photography need.

it's easy to get caught up in life outside of the blog world,
but when i think of how special this place really is,
i can't help but want to hug each of you for your 
support, texts, emails, comments, and messages.

i blog because of you. 

why do you?


JMB said...

LOVED this post, child. You and John are precious. Also, the Kentucky taste must run deep with us because I too love a sliding barn door as a entry way ;)

Hannah said...

A great post!! I love reading about your journey and so looking forward to all the things to come for you :)

Lindsay said...

I love this post. Your story is so beautiful. You are so blessed to have found that guy... Couldnt be happier for you.

Melissa Blake said...

This is such a sweet post! A BIG congrats to you both! xoxo

Ashley said...

mrs. kentucky blonde!!!! you gave me chills reading this!!! i heart you crazy craft photog so so much!

and ddddddannnnng son! you two are some sah-moking honeymooners! you get you some bedroom eyes :)

Kerr said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding festivities and honeymoon!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I got tears reading this post, Jayme! We've had such parallel experiences in blog world and it's been a JOY to keep up with you. Many, many blessings as y'all start your married journey!

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