we shall rehearse

slowly but surely, i promise to overload you with photos from the wedding weekend.
there's no better place to start than the rehearsal, so please, join me! 

we had the rehearsal at morton's the steakhouse in downtown louisville and it was absolutely PERFECT!

john is the oldest of three boys, and growing up i was OBSESSED with hanson so my awesome mom and sisters put john, brian, and peter's faces on the hanson poster. my designated, future husband, main obsession, love of my life,  "favorite" was taylor (obvi the cutest) but in this case, i'm head of heels in love with the oldest one. not ike, but johnny boy.

my dad and sister. now you know where i get my killer good looks.
see the cutie on the far left? that's my amazeballs cousin, riley, and an avid kentuckyblonde reader. ow! 

we're the six best friends that anyone can have!

moi, my grandmother, my aunt, sister, mama. 
can you believe this beauty is a whopping 18 weeks preggers?!  the prettiest little mama-to-be i've seen! and one of my other bridesmaids, alex, is the background there. 

kelly and i.  see the pashmina? i'll discuss more on that later but it was a bridesmaids gifts i created.

celebration!!  what's wrong with double fisting red wine AND bourbon the night before you get hitched?  i'm classy.

this is all john's mom's side of the family. how blessed am i to become part of a family that is just as beautiful inside as they are outside?

my sister sam made the most incredible video (maybe i should try to load it here??) that everyone LOVED!  the waiters at morton's said they've never seen a group this large so intrigued in a video.

we had a record setting 84 people at the rehearsal dinner, with over 100 actually invited. john and i were overwhelmed with all the love and support.

the menu.  YUM!!!

and of course we toasted, roasted, drank, ate, and celebrated the whole evening!  

it was so perfect, and it was only the beginning of the best 2 weeks of my entire life. 

ps. my dress was farah khan. i loved it. 

xoxo.. what do you want to see more of?!

have a happy and wonderful weekend!


Rachel said...

Beautiful! Looks like a great night filled with fun and love! :)

Riley Grimme said...

never been called amazeballs but I'll take it! love the pics, what an awesome weekend

Kerr said...

I want to see the video! Looks like an awesome night and I love the double fisting picture!
Basketball starts in 1 minute! Woohoo!

AJ Deal said...

It was a great night:)

AJ Deal said...

It was a great night:)

CBH said...

Hi Jayme! Love looking back at all the pictures...we had so much fun!

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