first dances & the CAKE!

john and i took dance lessons for our first dance. it was an epic fail. we did our own thing. sometimes, you just can't force it. 
john and i danced to 
ray lamontagne
you are the best thing
the first dance is something john and i had a very difficult time deciding on.  from the beginning, we always thought we would dance to "oh" by dave matthews band. but then, my sister brought it to our attention that it was actually about the loss of someone special. so while we still love that song, we decided to find something else.

one night, we turned off all the lights, put on the wedding station on pandora, and danced to a million of the songs. and when you are the best thing came on, we knew it was the one. 

my dad and i danced to
i loved her first
love him. so much. and his precious tear. 
he's the best daddy a girl could have.
john and his grandmother (his moms mom) danced to
leann womack
i hope you dance
i love this picture of john and his grandmother. and the group on the right is john's mom's side of the family. you can feel the love and i adore these pictures. so special and such an incredibly special moment.

i knew i also wanted to dance with my stepdad. i'm so blessed to have the relationship i have with him and couldn't imagine having a father daughter dance with my dad and not rick. clearly, i simply adore my father, more than anything in the world, but how blessed am i to have two dads that love me and will dance with me on my wedding day?
so while rick and i danced, john and my mom danced with us.

we all danced to 
louis armstrong
what a wonderful world

what great men i have in my life.  :)

now onto the cake...
i can only speak like franck from father of the bride when i discuss the cake.
i knew from the beginning i wanted sugar mamas bakery to make our cake. but then i realized i didn't want a cake. i wanted cake pops too.
we decided to have a small cake (which served around 90 people) and then 300 cake pops. looking back, i probably should've had more of either one, or both, but i didn't. oops.

we also had this cake. it was my cousin's husband's birthday so we had a small cake to celebrate his birthday. for the entire 10 months of wedding planning, i would occasionally text aaron and say "only 6 months until your birthday!!!" and so on. so i clearly knew i had to celebrate it at the wedding too. 
plus, aaron is an incredible guy so i knew he would appreciate it. :)

and this is our cake. see, small but absolutely BEAUTIFUL. the flowers on the side are handmade sugar flowers and oh. my. word. that detail is INCREDIBLE. i will discuss it more later but it was so, so, so perfect.
also, the champagne flutes and the cake serving set were both vera wang and engraved with our names and wedding date. the cake knife said J <3 a="a" and="and" dad="dad" font="font" from="from" gift="gift" i="i" it="it" j.="j." loved="loved" my="my" stepmom.="stepmom." them.="them." thoughtful="thoughtful" very="very" was="was">

funny story: on thanksgiving, i saw maggie (who is the incredible artist who is responsible for creating our cake and cake pops) and she told me her dog, scout, ate the cake (pre-decorated) and since it was dutch chocolate, she brought him to the vet to make sure he was okay. so the vet gave him IV's and some other stuff to treat him. so you may think the story ends there?
it doesn't.
so after that disaster happened, maggie went home with scout and jumped in the shower after making the cake AGAIN. when she got out of the shower, she saw scout lickin his chops, and immediately thought "oh. no." but sure enough, scout ate the cake AGAIN!!!  can you believe that??  i am so happy she didn't tell me this story before the wedding but now i find it hilarious. but it's only hilarious because scout is 100% healthy and perfectly fine! 
the birthday cake and cake pop table. the cake pops were key lime pie, bourbon mint, and chocolate peanut butter. YUM!
during the cake cutting, the band played a few songs in the background.
build me up buttercup - the foundations, you and me - dmb, oh - dmb, love on top - beyonce, i got you babe - sonny and cher, and how sweet it is - james taylor.
i was so nice to john and didn't even shove it in his mouth...

but i wasn't so lucky. look at that face of pure destruction in the mirror!  haha

so there we have the first dances and the cake!  thoughts? comments? questions? lemme know!


Kerr said...

I love you are the best thing! Great song. Your cake pop flavors sound awesome.

Katie said...

I love the desserts! Totally fun to have both for the night and how sweet of you to have a cake for Aaron! I am sure it meant so much to him that you kept thinking of him even though it was the biggest day for you.

And you can totally get John back on your first anniversary with cake shoved in the face ;)

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