welcome to the boys post!  
i was so happy to see these pictures since it never even dawned on me throughout the day that i had no idea what the guys were up to!  i was so focused on me, and the girls, that i forgot the boys even existed! haha. selfish? yes. 

they were lucky enough to have this glorious room (a touch a sarcasm) at the church to hang out and play ping pong which i seriously was jealous about.  they got ready at john's dad's house and then the limo took them to the church for photos. but again, i'm selfish, so todd (remember, the photographer?) came with the girls and left the boys to create their own memories.

so handsome!!!

john and the best men. his two brothers, brian and peter.

seriously. is there anything better in the world than kentucky fall and the colors it creates??

love this.

and LOVE this man. so perfect. and i loved the bow ties for the guys. those were their groomsmen gifts along with the COOLEST money clips with their initials. if you're looking for a PERFECT gift, let me know and i'll give you information on the money clip. 

john and brian.







have you ever seen a cuter group of men in your whole life??
and these two guys too... my brother in law, taylor, and my nephew, colton who was our ring bearer.  

i'm sad we didn't get a good photo of the gift we gave colton but here is the picture from the etsy shop where i bought it...
we got him this truck to carry the rings down the aisle with J+J and 10.20.12 on the heart.

i LOVED the look of it, plus it gave him something to play with during the ceremony.
and even better -- i loved the thought that he could keep it for his whole life on a little book shelf or something to remember the important role he played for our wedding. 

love these nuggets. :)



Rachel said...

I'm pretty much obsessed with those bow ties!
My hubby nixed bow ties early in the planning process. Bow ties and seersucker. I could have cried.
Love your pictures!

Nicole Marie said...

the colors of those red trees are amazing!

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