j&j - secret no-peek

i knew i wanted some parts of the wedding to be traditional and as much as i adore the "first look" pictures, i knew i wanted to keep the first look sacred and share the moment with our friends and family.
with that said, i also knew i did not want to go from midnight until 6 pm without at least some type of communication with my soon to be mister. i insisted on having the opportunity to hold hands with a door dividing us.

i'm going to admit something here: i was a TOTAL wreck the day of the wedding. i was sick to my stomach with nerves, anxious beyond belief, quiet for 98% of the day before the ceremony, and an emotional disaster. a blushing bride was as opposite as you could imagine. my stomach was in a knot and i dreaded the physical moment of saying my vows for the specific terrifying reason of...
 public. speaking.
i wish i was joking but i'm not. 

but after i got to hold john's hand, i was beyond excited with absolutely no scary nerves anymore. i was purely excited and all my nerves faded away. it was exactly what i needed.

so after inching our hands on the door, and being so excited, and smiling for the camera without seeing each other, we were ready to get hitched.

i simple adore these photos and would recommend this to anyone.

tip toe!


of course i brought my mom and bridesmaids with me to share this moment, and i'm so happy they were there to witness it. honestly, it was one of the most romantic, touching, and sincerest moments of my life. 


story time ...
todd, our photographer, told us to cover our eyes. so we did.

and without being told, at the SAME EXACT TIME, we both opened our fingers to let one eye see. it was hilarious, and just another reason why i love this man with my whole heart and soul. 

just moments before we became mister and mrs. 

adore. adore. adore. adore. adore.

my tacori happiness. :)

what are your thoughts on the first look?


Alexa said...

I love your beautiful photos!! My husband and I did indeed do a first look, and I was so happy with my decision. I wasn't too nervous to begin with, but any nerves I had melted away. I was mostly glad to have done it because the night before, at our Welcome Party, we definitely hadn't talked much or gotten to say a proper last goodbye before becoming Mr. & Mrs., so our first look moments are something I'll forever treasure. But to each his own and even though I didn't follow through on it, I still love the tradition of not seeing your hubby until you walk down the aisle. {I also knew I'd ugly-cry if I waited until then!}

Southern Living, Our Way ~ www.alexaandglenn.blogspot.com

Chelsea Coleen said...

GOOSEBUMPS! it makes me want to cry, i am serious. SO SO sweet. i can only imagine how romantic and special that moment was to yall :)

Katie said...

So beautiful! I love the letters on the door!

A Simple Southern Life said...

I love these photos. They are absolutely beautiful!

Nicole Marie said...

so so so sweet!! i love that you guys peaked at the same time!

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