AH! did you see my new header? it's a little revamp, but what do you think??

for this wordless wednesday, i will be wordless. but here's some photos of the bride and groom. 

my favorite!!!!

we had a trolley to bring the bridal party and their dates from the ceremony to the reception.
oops, this is supposed to be wordless, isn't it?



Brooke said...

I love the trolley and the pics- you are the most beautiful bride ; )

Elizabeth Babicke said...

I love your new header especially the font. I love your wedding! I am getting married next fall and will definitely be using some of your ideas!

Courtney @ line up and wait said...

I love the new header! My husband & I also got married this past October ... I can't get over how similar our pictures are! Similar dresses, suits & those Bride & Groom koozies!

Emma said...

those pictures are beautiful and your blog is too cute! :)


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